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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 84 | We Right Here | The Mad Scientist Lab


Welcome to Episode 84 of The Mad Scientist Lab!! I know you guys probably missed us last week ...I would think.

It is unfortunate that we start the show and talk about the passing off Hip Hop Icon and Entertainment Legend, DMX. Jared and RJ discuss the global influence he had on music, movies, and as a person who was not afraid to show us who he was. A true rarity in today’s day and age. If DMX taught us anything it would be to be true to ourselves and follow our own path.

In more uplifting news it’s the best time of year for wrestling fans as it’s WRESTLEMANIA weekend. Our good friend Shawn is down in Tampa Bay giving us all the insider information. We decided to give him a call in what we thought would be a casual interview we are stunned to hear the crazy story of how Shawn left his phone in an Uber and the obstacles he went through to retrieve it just to get in the building. Thank God he was able to do so because he’s supposed to take us lots of pictures and bring back the goods and that is just “Too Sweettttt!!”



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