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Swift Bear & Laxon 1.2 - The Meat Field

Swift Bear & Laxon Ep 2 - The Meat Field

'Unlikely paths of redemption and less likely partnerships can be formed in the face of the evil and horror of the Old West.'

Written by Richard Reynolds (www.groundzerocomics.co.uk)

Narrated by Justin Fife (https://www.twitter.com/justinbfife)

Produced by Karl Hughes (https://twitter.com/karlhughes)

With music by RoyBushBand (https://pixabay.com/users/roybushband-30554739/)

And QubeSounds (https://pixabay.com/users/qubesounds-24397640/)

And Thom Robson (https://www.thomrobsonmusic.com/)

And sound effects provided by freesound.org and zapsplat.com

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House (https://carrionhouse.com/)

A quick thanks to our community managers, Joshua Boucher and Jasmine Arch

And Joshua Boucher for helping with our submission reading.

And to Ben Errington, the Digital Drifter of the Online Frontier, his content a tumbleweed rolling through the weird west of social media.

Richard Reynolds is the owner and operator of Ground Zero Comics, a small shop in Mansfield, England, but writes, draws and produces his own comics and strips whenever he gets the chance. You can read these comics for free on the shop’s website, groundzerocomics.co.uk - ‘free comics’ sidebar.

Voice actor and podcaster follow Justin Fife on Twitter at www.twitter.com/justinbfife

**Karl Hughes is the lead audio producer here at The Other Stories. You can talk to him about mastering your audiobooks or podcasts over @karlhughes on Twitter. That's karl with a K, or better yet just visit TheOtherStories.net to learn more.

Check out his new album full of UK Dance Classics on Spotify. Just search for the artist Piregg. It's a bit like the word pirate and egg smashed together!

Spotify Link: https://sptfy.com/Piregg

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/karlhughes BlueSky: https://bsky.app/profile/karlhughes.bsky.social Mastadon: https://mastodonapp.uk/@piregg**

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The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
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