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The PoliticsGirl Podcast

The Republican Party You Knew Is Gone


Enough of the spin, the depressing headlines & the bad poll numbers. By almost every discernible metric, the Democrats are actually doing incredibly well. We talk about the signed bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the biggest investment in our country in over 50 years; the Build Back Better Act, that could be the greatest social spending bill in decades; and, we talk in depth about the party that voted AGAINST all of that because they’ve chosen Democratic failure over American success. We question who the Republican Party has become as they’re no longer attempting to govern, but setting up to rule, and based on which voices they’re abandoning and which they’re elevating, it appears the future under the GOP will look a lot more like Hungary than America. If we’re going to be ready to fight for our democracy, we must stop falling for the drama. See the parties through their actions and not the media’s words. Please rate and subscribe so we can grow the show, get more guests and inspire more change moving forward! Watch the show in video format on YouTube. Follow my Twitter. Follow my Instagram. Watch my Rants on TikTok. Like the Facebook Page. PoliticsGirl is a MeidasTouch original podcast produced by Happy Warrior Productions.