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by Cam Earven: Silk screen print
The Print Life Podcast

#35 Screen Print Pricing, Should I under cut other Screen Printers to get business?


Screen Printing Pricing; Should I under cut other screen printers to get business? At the end of the day this is the big question every new printer has. I will admit in the begging I priced jobs super low, I would not be beat on price. I had everyone telling me not to be the lowest, but in my head I was doing what I though I had to do. My brilliant idea was to corner the market by undercutting everyone and putting them out of business. Once they were all out of business then then I would raise my prices. Let me tell you we got all the work. Even looked like a super busy shop that needed to automate to keep up with screen print orders. problem was I did not have any profit. My cash flow was the Sahara desert, dry, and to try and get to the point, I was only able to almost put one person out of business, I almost put myself out of business. So the moral of the story is if you are a printer, there will always be some asshole, like me th



by Cam Earven: Silk screen print