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by Ben Klenner
The Probiotic Life

046 - Prebiotics, Probiotics And Gut Health With Dr. Jason Hawrelak


In this episode we talk to Dr. Jason Hawrelak. He is a leading clinician, researcher, naturopath and lecturer in the area of probiotics. Jason completed his PHD on dysbiosis in irritable bowels and how to change the microbiome using herbs, prebiotics and probiotics. He is well regarded in the probiotics community worldwide, and has authored many papers on the microbiome, the GI tract and pre and pro-biotics.

He’s the lead researcher for probioticadvisor.com and a professor here in Australia and in the US.

Find out all about Jason at probioticadvisor.com

On this episode we’re also featuring a fabulous song called Church of Fermentation by Samara Jade. You can check her out at:


May the beneficial microbes be with you!


Episode 46

by Ben Klenner