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The Ready Business Show

Removing Isis from its business name was the first obstacle this Irish medical firm overcame


On this week’s show, Ciara Donlon explains how her medical devices company has gone global in just three years and all from a difficult start when their original company name had Isis in its title! Ciara always dreamed of building a business of her own and in 2010, she set up a lingerie retail business in Ranelagh in Dublin but many women undergoing treatment for breast cancer came into her shop looking for a comfortable and feminine bra to wear post surgery. Theya Healthcare was born, specialising in the design and manufacture of lingerie suitable for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, radiotherapy treatment or cosmetic surgery. Donlon describes Theya as a medical devices firm, rather than a manufacturer of garments and she has successfully developed her own proprietary blend of super-soft bamboo with business booming in the UK and around the world. "In five years time the aim is to be a global player," she says. "We’ll hopefully be serving many more niche markets and, if it all goes well, will have hit our revenue targets of €100 million.” For more: independent.ie/podcasts/ready-business The Ready Business podcast is in association with Vodafone.



by 137584