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by Host: Renée J. Johnson
The Rosé Hour Podcast

Shoe Crazy Wine


Hey, Friends! This week, we sip it up with Diamond of Skin Deep Beauty Box and the amazing Gwen of Shoe Crazy Wine!!!

About Skin Deep Beauty Box

Diamond is a native of Tennessee but was drawn to Georgia like many other inspired black people. Diamond has always been into all things beauty and she knows proper skincare is the foundation of beauty. During her search for the perfect products for her skin, she bought many brand-named products, but they did not really work for her. Diamond realized the products were not right for her skin because the people creating the products did not have skin like her own. Diamond saw a lack of skincare products created by people of color in the beauty industry. But after thorough research, it was not a lack in products but only a lack in places that properly supported them.

That is how the Skin Deep Beauty Box idea came about. She has now made it her mission to ensure people of color around the world have a place for skincare products for us and by us.

About Shoe Crazy Wine

In 2013, Gwen’s path took an unexpected turn. The company where she had worked for over 15 years downsized, and she was let go from the job she loved. While driving to pick up her personal items from the office, Gwen and her daughter Brittny were in a car accident that left both of them severely injured. It took Gwen and Brittny a year of physical therapy to recover from their injuries.

As Gwen recuperated, she refused to give in to depression. Instead, her thoughts turned to a business idea she had years before: turning her wine-making hobby into a business. Through her international travel, Gwen had developed a deep appreciation for fine wines. It was daughter Brittny who suggested that she name her wine creation something that she loved. Gwen loved and was crazy about shoes. Shoe Crazy wine was born that day!

Sparkling Rose Strawberry Passion


CA - San Joaquin - Lodi

  • 11.00% Alcohol

Amazing Rose has fresh aromas of strawberry mingle with notes of watermelon. This fruity sparkling wine has just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Sip and enjoy alone or with fresh fruit, salami, and cheese platters

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Episode 37

by Host: Renée J. Johnson