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by The Seaworthy Stew - Jess Harbison
The Seaworthy Stew

Superyacht Radio | Behind The Scenes Of The Seaworthy Stew


This episode is a rebroadcast from Superyacht Radio which is a podcast devoted to the global superyacht industry.

Tune in to hear my interview with Maeve about and how I transformed 6 years experience as a Yacht Stewardess into creating a platform to help share this knowledge with aspiring yacht crew through online courses, podcasts, and support to guide green crew on how to break into the industry with confidence.

Want to learn more about how to be a yacht stew? Find out more from the Superyacht Stewardess Training Course at https://www.theseaworthystew.com/coursewaitlist

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Episode 36

Season 1

by The Seaworthy Stew - Jess Harbison