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by Van Jackson
The Un-Diplomatic Podcast

The Global Far Right is a Protestant Reformation for Idiots, Think Tank Dark Money, Getting Real on The Indo-Pacific Game | Ep. 80


Why the threat of our time is the global far right, and what it has in common with the protestant reformation. What's wrong and right about the Indo-Pacific and the Quad. Dark money in think tanks. Kim Jong Un's authoritarian savvy. The real meaning of the Third World--or, is Marco Rubio a white supremacist? Also this episode: Why Trump has changed how we teach international relations.

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Kishore Mahbubani on the Quad and the real game in Asia: https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/01/27/anti-china-alliance-quad-australia-india-japan-u[…]dium=email&utm_campaign=29615&utm_term=Editors%20Picks%20OC&

Van Jackson on bro culture and the Capitol insurrection: https://inkstickmedia.com/the-liberal-internationalist-origins-of-right-wing-insurrection/

Contributors: Gaby Magnuson, Jake Dellow, Pete McKenzie, and Ciara Mitchell


Episode 81

by Van Jackson