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Bachelor Recap with Arden Myrin

The Viall Files
The Viall Files

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Bachelor Recap Edition! We’re joined by actress and comedian Arden Myrin to discuss the sixth episode of Zach’s season. We start out by covering the week’s Bachelor Tea, including Greer and Zach’s responses to their cocktail party disagreement. We then dive into this week’s episode and discuss Charity’s 1:1 date in Estonia, and Kat pulling (and kissing) Zach prior to their departure. The group date involves witchcraft and an extinguished fire between Zach and Jess. Did Ariel’s date put her in Zach’s top four for hometowns? And is Brooklyn a bully? We break it all down.

“Did he give her Covid as a punishment for having ambition?”

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