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The We Society

The We Society

The We Society

About The We Society

Beyond the politics, beyond our geography are the intangible connections that hold us together - The We Society.

The We Society podcast is here to tell you about the thousands of ways the Social Sciences can help us understand and enhance this complicated and fascinating human network.

What can we do to fix the NHS? How can we better manage climate change? How do we end the cost of living crisis?

Brought to you by the Academy of Social Sciences, this podcast tackles the big questions through a social science lens and brings you some of the best ideas to shape the way we live.

Join acclaimed journalist and Academy president Will Hutton, as he invites guests from the world of Social Science to explore the stories behind the news and hear their solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

Don't want to miss an episode? Follow the show on your favourite podcast platform and you can email us on wesociety@acss.org.uk and tell us who we should be speaking to or follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/thewesocietypod

Brought to you by the Academy of Social Sciences: https://acss.org.uk  (https://acss.org.uk%20%20)



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