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by Marilyn Rose
The Wealthy Women Podcast

Overcoming Challenges and Becoming the Authentic You with Yvonne Phillip


We all face challenges in our careers and our business. So how do we face these and still transition into the most authentic you?

In this episode, we have the fabulous Yvonne Phillip, The Success Stylist. Yvonne helps female entrepreneurs and executives who feel stuck and frustrated in the business or career to elevate their personal brands so they can show up, stand out and sell to their dream clients with ease without burnout or breaking the bank. She will share her own story, how she overcame adversities after being burnt out, and her tips in becoming and showing the world the authentic you.

Today, Yvonne will share her story with us:

💃 How Yvonne started her entrepreneurial journey.

💃 What she experienced when she took her first step in becoming an entrepreneur.

💃 Yvonne’s story on having a support network as she was starting her business.

💃 What fueled Yvonne’s passion for her business.

💃 How Yvonne discovered the in’s and out’s of the industry her business is in.

💃 How her wealth force corresponds to what she used to do then and how she transitioned now.

💃 The biggest adversity that she had to overcome and how it inspired her.

💃 Yvonne’s tips on how to be your authentic self in front of the camera.

💃 How to differentiate your personal life and your personal brand life.

💃 The changes that Yvonne has experienced as she transitioned.

💃 Yvonne’s message to the world.

🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!

Connect with Yvonne:

➡️ Website: https://yvonnephillip.com/

➡️ IG: @yvonnephillipthesuccessstylist

➡️ Facebook: @YvonnePhillipTheSuccessStylist 

➡️ LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/yvonnephillip 

🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change

➡️ Website: http://wealthywomen.com/

➡️ IG: @wealthywomen.inc

➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose


Episode 26

Season 3

by Marilyn Rose