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Think LOUD Podcast 06 : Coco Maria (Worldwide FM / Cashmere Radio, Berlin)


Episode no 7 of our series of podcast has been recorded by Mexican born and Berlin based Coco Maria, co-founder of Kréyol. She hosts the "I Dream of Piranhas" monthly show on Cashmere Radio. Her sound is vibrant and funky, taking its roots from Central & South America, Africa, and other tropical islands from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. Strong tropical selection and an old Mauritian sega tune, we love it ! Enjoy the ride ! >> Coco Maria https://goo.gl/ovwT7f >> Kréyol https://goo.gl/05vmHG >> I Dream of Piranhas show on Cashmere Radio https://goo.gl/vpWSzZ



by Think LOUD