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by Matty Dyas
Travel Bubble

Episode 5 - Henryk Sadzik: 35 People Called Me Beckham


Accepting beers off strangers, getting robbed on a beach and abandoning friends in the outback... just some of the topics covered in this week's episode with Polish-born, travel man, Henryk Sadzik.

Henryk is a travel industry professional with a wealth of experience. After moving to England at the age of five, he has lived in the USA, Jordan and has most recently moved to Thailand.

He has 13 years’ experience in the travel industry and has worked as Travel Manager in both retail and corporate travel as well as being a Tour Leader in the Middle East and Europe. On top of that, he's just an all-round lovely chap.

Who better then to join us as our guest for Episode 5?

Let Henryk take you around the world with his Travel Bubble choices and inspire you for your post lockdown travel.

You can find Henryk's YouTube channel Edge of the Map here and he can also be found on Instagram as @HenrykSadzik and @Edge.OfTheMap.

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Henrick mentioned the cloud forest in Costa Rica. It is called the Monte Verde cloud forest and more information can be found here.


Arenal Volcano, also came up… if you imagine a volcano in your mind, chances are it looks a bit like Arenal.


If you were intrigued by the lack of addresses in Costa Rica there is an old yet excellent article in the Wall Street Journal that can provide a bit more info.


The lost city in Colombia is known as Ciudad Perdida. There’s a few options to get there but all involved a long trek.


If you want more information about the biggest cave world in Vietnam, then find out more here. I would definitely recommend a visit if you happen to be over there.


Strangely, we also talked about what happens if you shoot a gun up in the air and if the bullet could kill you. Well, here is the answer…


Travel Bubble Film Club.

The Painted Bird, Czech Republic (2019)

Ratcatcher, Scotland (1999)

Film of the week -

Winter Sleep, Turkey (2014)

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Episode 5

Season 1

by Matty Dyas