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by Leah Baker and Mia Samaha
Try Not? The Pod

Learning Magic


This week Leah and Mia try something really magical! (apologies that is terrible!)

With a little help from the fabulous Sam Fletcher we transform (even if only for 20 mins in our living rooms) into magicians.

Join us as we talk about our love of Magic and experience the joy as we learn a trick. We hope you enjoy this one, we LOVED it.

Mia and I will be taking a break until September when we will be back with some brilliant new adventures to share with you.

Thank you for coming on this adventure with us, it has been an absolute pleasure and we can't wait for season 2.

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Special shout out to Nic Newman for our epic logo & Benson for our vintage theme music.

If you are looking for the perfect activity - look no further get in touch with Sam (details below) and add a little magic into your life :)


Twitter: @SamFletcherEsq

IG: @SamFletcher_insta

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Episode 17

Season 1

by Leah Baker and Mia Samaha