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by BBC Radio 4
Two Minutes Past Nine

Episode 8: Bombs in the desert


On April 19th 1995, 26 year old Timothy McVeigh committed the largest act of domestic terrorism in American history.

In investigating the events that led up to the attack, journalist Leah Sottile learned that at the heart of McVeigh’s story were inherently American things: an Army boy. A love of guns. And a version of the great American road trip.

In the years leading up to the bombing, McVeigh drove across America; touring gun shows, visiting acquantances who would go on to be accomplices, even paying a trip to area 51.

But there was one place he spent longer than anywhere else, a town way out in the desert of Arizona.

Journalist Leah Sottile tells the story of Kingman Arizona, a place where the wild west cowboy myth persists.

Presenter: Leah Sottile
Producer: Georgia Catt



by BBC Radio 4