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Unashamed with the Robertson Family

Ep 633 | Uncle Si & Jase’s Super Bowl Commercial Fame & Jase’s Religious Beef Stew Experience

Jase gushes about the best food he’s ever eaten in his life, but the guys aren’t impressed! Uncle Si and "Duck Family Treasure" made the Super Bowl coverage, and Jase remembers the time he cooked breakfast for Tim Tebow. Phil explains how Christians should react when they are faced with persecution and abuse. Jase analyzes three different schools of thought on the interpretation of a difficult Bible verse. 

In this episode: 1 Peter 3, verses 17-22; Romans 12, verses 17-20; 2 Peter 2, verse 4; Ephesians 4, verses 8-9; John 5, verse 28

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Unashamed with the Robertson Family
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