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by Wassim Clairvoyant
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Self-Healing with angels 19


The Healing Journey

Healing is not something you get in a healing session of half an hour. It is rather a process that you go through all your life. When you try the Self-Healing Technique to heal a certain disease, there is no guarantee that you would be totally free of that disease right away. Sometimes it happened that you ask to heal my knee pain, for example, and you have no more pain right after the session. However, healing is not always that straightforward. You might be wearing a bad pair of shoes without noticing that. How can the healing be complete if you don't change your shoes? Most of the times, the angels set a program for you to heal what you ask for. They would make you notice that your shoes are bad at a certain point, without telling you that directly. Now, the choice is yours – either to keep wearing the shoes, or to buy another pair.



by Wassim Clairvoyant