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by Wassim Clairvoyant
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Self-Healing with angels 20


Your responsibilities?

The main point is that without your cooperation, nobody can heal you. You have got certain responsibilities and you get help from angels, people, and so on. Without taking the responsibility to heal yourself, there is little anyone can do for you. Don’t expect a magical healing, but one day you will experience a magical healing if you are willing to make the necessary changes in your life.

For example, lately I have been feeling excessively tiered the whole day. I did a self healing with the angels, but nothing interesting happened during the healing. Then, I had a dream that I am visiting a doctor, and he is telling me to abstain from caffeine and sugar. I wake up that day feeling amazed because the dream was so real. From that day, I didn't drink any caffeine and had almost no more sugar in my diet. And, from that day, I am not feeling tiered any longer.



by Wassim Clairvoyant