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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Killing Eve Snackisode - Legends of 2020 Part I


Hey friends, we back in this biiihhhh!!!! It's 2021, and we know it's been a minute 🤣, but we're so thrilled to back. In part one of this mini snackisode, we correct a few legends and myths from last year, talk a bit about what we've been up to, casting rumors, as well as what we've discovered the cast has been up to during this extra long hiatus.

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Chapter Marks: 

00:31 - We back in this bih!

07:50 - Corrections

08:00 - So about that snackisode y'all

09:00 - The Trilling Eve that's yet to be

10:54 - The real release date for series 4

12:43 - Revelations

12:54 - Killing Eve begins shooting soon!

14:03 - News on Sandra Oh's The Chair

17:35 - Jodie is rumored to be in a new movie

22:22 - PWB is adapting Mr. and Mrs. Smith

26:45 - Kim Bodnia is headed to The Witcher

30:23 - Dame Walter in Digital Spy

31:35 - People are still writing bad articles about KE

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by Church of Misandry