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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Misandry Mail Bag Part II


To smash, or not to smash: that is the question that rages on. Welcome to part two of this Misandry Mail Bag special edition episode. We still can't believe so many of y'all wrote in to share your fears, hopes, joys, and frustrations, but we're so happy you did. We also get into old theories about Dark!Eve, Villanelle's assassin crisis, and whether or not Raymond will ever be mentioned again.

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Chapter Marks:

00:31 - Fluer sends in lingering thoughts on Raymond and Dark!Eve

8:56 - Rita asks about her long lost winnings

10:35 - Lila applies her clown makeup contour

23:57 - Sarah says hello and the top/bottom argument rages on

35:00 - Mel & Sue tell us their favorite quotes from series 3

40:55 - Belinda wants to know what's up with the infamous spec script

41:51 - Addressing multiple notes about the fandom drama

43:10 - Ashley reminisces on an iconic Carolyn read

43:39 - Camille has thoughts on our Gentleman Jack crossovers

46:08 - Samantha begins with a prayer: "my dear queers"

47:30 - A recommendation to watch 'Red' with Helen Mirren

48:16 - Jeff checks for signs of life

49:14 - Kirsten shows love and ponders Villanelle's murder sobriety

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by Church of Misandry