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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Well Well Villanelle - "Are You Leading or Am I?" Part III


The bridge scene… THE BRIDGE SCENE! It’s fair to say we have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the bridge scene. In in this final part we break down the actions, reactions, beats, and exchanges of our ladies as we experienced and interpreted them. It all leads to that infamous walk during which the entire fandom held their breath. 

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Chapter Marks:

0:31 - Carolyn grants Konstantin clemency and calls off the hunt

7:14 - Villanelle chases after a very athletic Dark!Eve rising

10:44 - Villanelle and Eve have a real conversation about their past & future

19:34 - Candice Polastri's theory on why Eve wanted "it to stop"

24:40 - Eve expects a kiss, while Villanelle walks away

34:01 - Eve chooses Villanelle, and Villanelle chooses Eve

35:04 - Initial series 3 after thoughts from Terrance Polastri

43:16 - We need to see a member of Eve's family next season!

50:11 - Another passionate and angsty rant from Candice Polastri on series 4 wants

1:05:59 - Final Announcements

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by Church of Misandry