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by Mancell Financial Group
Why Advice?

Why Advice #3 Protecting Yourself From Fraud (Melissa Caddick)


How do you protect yourself from a fraudulent financial adviser? Daniel is joined by Peter Mancell, the founder of Mancell Financial Group and Managing Director of AFSL FYG Planners, the pair discuss the recent Melissa Caddick situation in Sydney and go through several simple steps investors can take to better protect themselves from an investment 'professional' who is fraudulent or not acting in their best interest.

They discuss:

The importance of using the financial advisers register.

Understanding what’s possible from an investment perspective.

An adviser being able to discuss their investment philosophy and have them explain how past returns were generated.

Ensuring you're not duped by sales tactics.

The importance of your money being with a third-party custodian.

The virus like tentacles of financial loss and trauma across family units.

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Episode 3

by Mancell Financial Group