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#231 - w/ Lukasz Jaszak. Archspire, Crecent, Farsoth, Nox Formulae, Oujia & Hangöver


Lukasz Jaszak is a reknowned graphic designer from Poland that has worked with loads of bands inside and outside the extreme metal scene. You will here more about this and other important topics of metal and philosophy. Today he joins B.L. and digests 5 songs sent to the B.L. HQ.

Whole lotta dissatisfaction!

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Lukaszs vernissage i Karlstad från 13/8: https://www.galleriekdahl.se/

Archspire - Golden Mouth of Ruin
Crecent - Neb-Pehti-Ra
Farsoth - World Demise
Nox Formulae - Eve of Annihilation
Ouija - Selenophile Impia
Hangöver - Fighting For Hell

I samarbete med Medborgarskolan.



av B.L. Metal Podcast