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Head Above Water

season 1 Episode 9 - Victory, Joshua 2-6


Day 1 - Joshua 2:1-7 The intent of Joshua’s spies, on the other hand, was to act from faith—to find what God had given them and perhaps how He had given it to them. Similar actions; different motivations. One scouting trip was done honoring God, the other rebelling against Him. When have your actions seemed right from the outside, but you performed them with the wrong intentions or motivations? What happened? Day 2 - Joshua 2:8-24 In these verses, we are reminded of the power of a testimony. Word of what God had done had traveled to Jericho because someone, somewhere, had told others what he or she had witnessed. It may have been one person; it may have been several people, or even many people, but someone’s testimony ended up in Rahab’s ears and led to her faith in God. And that is what we are called to do today as followers of Christ—we are to declare what God has done in Christ to others, trusting in God for our testimony to bear fruit. What has God done, or is He doing right now, that you can tell someone else about today? Day 3 - Joshua 6:1-14 We see something similar in Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 17. In verse 4, Jesus said to the Father, “I have glorified you on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” Here, we see Jesus used the past tense to speak of a future event; in this case, the cross. Just as Jericho’s fall was sure in Joshua 6, so was Jesus’ lifting up on the cross in John 17. What sure promises of God do you need to rest in today? Day 4 - Joshua 6:15-21 On the seventh day, they were called to action—although it was not the action a soldier would expect. It must not have made much sense to the Israelite soldiers. It must have been frustrating. And yet, they did exactly what God had called them to do—in obedience and in faith. Sometimes God calls us to act in faith; at other times, like here, He calls on us not to act, in faith. Consider a time in your life when God’s plan was simply to move. How willing were you to follow His simple instruction? Why? Day 5 - Joshua 6:22-27 We see here a word picture of the power of God to change us by grace through faith. When we trust in Christ, our old self is put to death and we have been giving new life in Christ.  How do you tend to live as your old, dead self at times? Why? How do you fail to live as your new self at times? Why?  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/head-above-water/support