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9. The Stakeout II

Camp Diogenes Staff Handbook, Epilogue: If you have a question about any of these rules, talk to the head of your department. Only under grave and unusual circumstances should these questions be escalated to the Assistant Director or Director. They’re busy doing camp stuff.


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Cast & Crew

- Co-Host, Co-Producer, GM: Eric Silver

- Co-Host (Les Proenneke), Co-Producer, Sound Designer, Composer: Brandon Grugle

- Co-Host (Carrie-Ann Price), Co-Producer: Amanda McLoughlin

- Co-Host (Phoebe Cooper), Co-Producer: Julia Schifini

- Multitude: multitude.productions

About Us

Join the Party is an actual play podcast with tangible worlds, genre-pushing storytelling, and collaborators who make each other laugh each week. We welcome everyone to the table, from longtime players to folks who’ve never touched a roleplaying game before. Hop into the Camp-Paign, our Monster of the Week story set in a weird and wild summer camp, or marathon our D&D games with Campaign 2 for a modern, sci-fi superhero game and Campaign 1 for a high fantasy story. And once a month we release the Afterparty, where we answer your questions about the show and how we play the game. New episodes every Tuesday.

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