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A Threat to Abortion Pills. Plus, the U.S. Shares Secrets

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In 2000, the F.D.A. approved the medication abortion drug mifepristone. Now a federal judge in Texas is set to rule on a case filed by anti-abortion groups urging the agency to revoke its approval of mifepristone and the other main drug used for medication abortion in the United States. Abortion via medication has become increasingly common and now accounts for more than half of the nation’s abortions.

Plus, the Biden administration has started talking publicly about its intelligence when it comes to China, breaking with a long tradition of keeping U.S. secrets close to the chest. The secretary of state, the director of the C.I.A. and even the president himself have made statements on TV expressing concern over China’s plans to help Russia in the war in Ukraine.

Guest: Pam Belluck, a health and science correspondent for The New York Times.

Julian E. Barnes, a national security correspondent for The Times.

Background reading:

  • Twelve states have sued the F.D.A. seeking removal of special restrictions on abortion pills. The suit argues that rules applying to mifepristone unnecessarily limit patients’ access to medication abortion.
  • Bolder intelligence disclosures are part of a larger effort to stymie the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine and align support for Kyiv’s war effort in allied countries.

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