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  1. Amino acids

    1.Amino acids

    Amino acids

  2. "Lecture-casts"- A Lecture Series on General Chemistry

    2."Lecture-casts"- A Lecture Series on General Chemistry

    Learning-casts- A Lecture Series on General Chemistry by Mr. D. Ferguson. Link to video of lecture- https://youtu.be/9RMA9htq-yQ

  3. The Analytical Wavelength

    3.The Analytical Wavelength

    A podcast about chemical knowledge and data in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries brought to you by ACD/Labs. Hosts Charis Lam and Jesse Harris will introduce you to a wide range of experts who are shaping the future of the chemical industry.

  4. Energy


    Nuclear chemistry

  5. The Eco Well podcast

    5.The Eco Well podcast

    In this show, Jen Novakovich, Canadian cosmetic chemist from The Eco Well, interviews international cosmetic scientists and industry leaders to bring you a fresh new conversation a week about all things beauty!

  6. Formula Girls

    6.Formula Girls

    This podcast highlights various formulations that have been created in our labs at Colonial Chemical. Hosted by Christine Anderson, Molly McEnery and Megan Gibson.

  7. Materialism: A Materials Science Podcast

    7.Materialism: A Materials Science Podcast

    In this podcast, Taylor and Andrew investigate the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering. Topic areas ranging from cutting edge materials technology, the history of different materials, the commercialization of new materials, and exciting advances in processing and characterization are all covered in detail. Our episodes include things like the unlikely discovery of superglue or teflon, the fascinating backstories about modern biomaterials like dialysis filters, and updates on new technologies including wearable electronics, next generation batteries, and nanomaterials. In short, we hope to help listeners understand the critical role that materials have played in society and even glimpse into what the future may hold for new materials.

  8. Clinical Chemistry Podcast

    8.Clinical Chemistry Podcast

    This free monthly podcast is offered by Clinical Chemistry. Clinical Chemistry is the leading forum for peer-reviewed, original research on innovative practices in today's clinical laboratory. In addition to being the most cited journal in the field, Clinical Chemistry has the highest Impact Factor (7.292 in 2019) among journals of clinical chemistry, clinical (or anatomic) pathology, analytical chemistry, and the subspecialties, such as transfusion medicine and clinical microbiology.

  9. The Episodic Table of Elements

    9.The Episodic Table of Elements

    A chemistry podcast about the fascinating true stories behind each element on the periodic table.

  10. Science History Podcast

    10.Science History Podcast

    Monthly interviews on important moments in the history of science.

  11. Stereo Chemistry

    11.Stereo Chemistry

    Stereo Chemistry shares voices and stories from the world of chemistry. The show is created by the reporters and editors at Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), an independent news outlet published by the American Chemical Society.

  12. Elementary


    Probably Manchester's best student-run science-themed radio show and podcast! Every episode is themed around a particular chemical element. Presenters Fergus, Carys and Joe chat about what makes each element interesting and what it is used for, as well as playing science games and interviewing real-life scientists about their research. Think science and fun repel like particles with the same electric charge? Think again!

  13. 100% Hydrogen

    13.100% Hydrogen

    In this episode we are talking about the wonderful element Hydrogen. Did you know that Hydrogen had to be “created” by three scientists? Want to know how that’s possible? Listen here. ***sponsored podcast***

  14. The Toxpod

    14.The Toxpod

    Forensic Toxicology: It's a matter of half-life and death

  15. Modern Chemistry Podcast

    15.Modern Chemistry Podcast

    Welcome to the Modern Chemistry podcast! And thanks for downloading our preview show. Connect with me (Paul) at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulorange/ H.E.L. group can be found at www.helgroup.com – where you can also leave us a comment on the show and suggest topics or interviewees for future episodes. on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/hel-ltd/, on twitter we’re @HELUK, or search for us on Facebook Our theme music is "Wholesome" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Music from https://filmmusic.io License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

  16. Dose Makes The Poison: The Toxcast

    16.Dose Makes The Poison: The Toxcast

    A podcast about forensic toxicology and chemistry. We talk about drugs, poisons, and forensic science in the news and pop culture. A NAYK Network Production.

  17. Periodic Travel

    17.Periodic Travel

    3 lab scientists venture into the world of Henry Moseley and gain monumental knowledge about the elements he found.

  18. Natural Prodcast

    18.Natural Prodcast

    Natural Prodcast is a podcast about natural products and the science and scientists of secondary metabolism. Natural products, secondary metabolites, specialized metabolites -- whatever you want to call them, they're the chemicals that make species unique and different from one another, and are incredibly important to medicine, the environment, and human health. Join hosts Dan Udwary and Alison Takemura as they introduce concepts in this exciting field, and talk to the fascinating and entertaining scientists who work in it. This series brought to you by the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute.

  19. Chemical Bromance

    19.Chemical Bromance

    Ken and John build chemistry talking about chemistry. Bonds unbreakable, we discuss topics that make us love each other more and more.

  20. Chemistry podcast

    20.Chemistry podcast

    We talk about atoms bonding the periodic table and neon

  21. AQA GCSE Chemistry Revision

    21.AQA GCSE Chemistry Revision

    A series of podcasts designed to support students with their revision for the AQA GCSE Chemistry exams

  22. Ve Mahi Song Female Version Cover By Harshita Tripathi

    22.Ve Mahi Song Female Version Cover By Harshita Tripathi

    Love music first song ve mahi female version cover by harshita tripathi ❣️

  23. Chemistry in Everyday Life

    23.Chemistry in Everyday Life

    Chemistry in Everyday Life is a podcast that aims to explain the fascinating world of chemistry to lay people with the help of common examples encountered all around us.

  24. Acids Bases And Salts Episode 1 By Anshu Kaushik

    24.Acids Bases And Salts Episode 1 By Anshu Kaushik

    Introduction to acids and bases, their physical properties and acid-base indicators

  25. Chemistry in The Pharmacy

    25.Chemistry in The Pharmacy

    A look into the work of a Pharmacist and their use of chemicals.

  26. 20 Minutes A Day

    26.20 Minutes A Day

    20 Minutes A Day, was designed to promote the 2 Minutes A Day Project and the larger mission of Chemists Without Borders. The goal of the 2 Minutes A Day project is to build a community where chemists and their networks can share and discuss problems, propose solutions, and collaborate in order to have an impact. To further this mission, 20 Minutes A Day will highlight change-makers in the chemistry community everywhere.

  27. Mamacita


    Just talking

  28. A Journey Through Time: A Chemistry Podcast

    28.A Journey Through Time: A Chemistry Podcast

    Join us as we time travel through the world of Chemistry.

  29. mystery of matter

    29.mystery of matter

    science lol

  30. Profiles in Fine Chemistry

    30.Profiles in Fine Chemistry

    Over 96% of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the chemicals industry. Meet some of the people making it all possible as they give insights into their world of fine chemical manufacturing.

  31. Chemistry in its element

    31.Chemistry in its element

    A weekly tour of the periodic table, from Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  32. H2TechTalk


    A weekly podcast from H2Tech for the hydrogen community

  33. Bringing Chemistry to Life

    33.Bringing Chemistry to Life

    Conversations with the brightest chemical minds.

  34. Plastics Unwrapped

    34.Plastics Unwrapped

    Plastics Unwrapped is a brand-new podcast series by Dow, featuring a range of expert guests exploring some of the biggest questions facing the plastics industry right now. Across several bite-sized episodes, we open up the conversation and explore the world of sustainability and plastics.

  35. Atoms!


    A show about atoms

  36. Stoichiometry and mole concept

    36.Stoichiometry and mole concept

    It entails more on stoichiometry and mole concept

  37. Chemistry Made Simple

    37.Chemistry Made Simple

    Helping you understand chemistry topics from A-Level and Advanced Higher. If you want to demystify chemistry, yearn for a simpler explanation and want to hear all the tips that will help you at exam time you're at the right place. I'm a chemistry tutor who is used to explaining chemistry in simpler terms, and I love to use an analogy to help with the understanding. Each episode tackles a topic, explaining it as simply as possible - well it is chemistry! The end of episode summary will make sure you have useful takeaways to help you on your way. There's a download available to accompany many of the episodes too.

  38. Assignment Help In Australia

    38.Assignment Help In Australia

    Give all your Biology assignment help online queries a strategic direction by diverting your problems to My Assignment Services. Our experts providing you with the best Biology assignment help Australia are capable of assisting with the terms and terminologies such as Ribosomes, RNA, Lysosomes. Chloroplasts, Vacuoles, Endoplasmic Reticulum, and much more. We have more than 400 Biology assignment help experts who are there with us and have more than 12 experience in the corresponding discipline. By choosing our assignment help experts, you get a chance to prepare a 100% original and plagiarism

  39. Higher Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    39.Higher Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    Higher Chemistry Revision with Jonas provides you with easy-to-follow theory and examples. With years of experience Jonas helps students to improve their confidence and skills so that they would be able to succeed in their exams. Listen to the podcast and let’s turn your exam experience into a success story.

  40. A Material Point of View

    40.A Material Point of View

    In this podcast, Vinnie will talk about Materials Science, Materials Engineering focused on Metallurgy, Materials micro/nano properties and features which lead to the macro-ones. He is a Materials Engineer Graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) - Brazil. He is currently a master's student at UFScar. Don't forget to follow the Podcast on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amaterialpointofview/ E-mail: amaterialpointofview@gmail.com

  41. Study Chemistry- For AP® Courses and More

    41.Study Chemistry- For AP® Courses and More

    Coming Soon!

  42. It's a Material World | Materials Science Podcast

    42.It's a Material World | Materials Science Podcast

    The show that uncovers why materials science will change the world.

  43. Chemistry_life


    You,Me and Chemistry🎤📖🇳🇪 @chemistry_lyf Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life. Learning is lifelong process.This podcast helps you to understand chemistry from very basics. In upcoming episodes more about technology.

  44. Rule Your Pool

    44.Rule Your Pool

    Rule Your Pool is a podcast by Orenda Technologies. This show was created for pool owners, operators, and service pros who want the best water quality possible. If you want to know what's really going on with your swimming pool chemistry, this might be the podcast for you. Each week, we'll cover a new topic related to swimming pools, water chemistry, or indoor air quality. With our help, you'll be able to rule your pool without over-treating it with chemicals and wasting money.

  45. A-level Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    45.A-level Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    A-level Chemistry Revision with Jonas provides you with easy-to-follow theory and examples. With years of experience Jonas helps students to improve their confidence and skills so that they would be able to succeed in their exams. Listen to the podcast and let’s turn your exam experience into a success story.

  46. This What They Done To Me! 🤬

    46.This What They Done To Me! 🤬

    Playing Detective figuring who is blame 4 tha root of my 2day problems 🤪 Bitch aka BabyMama ,Camel soup lady aka Manyland, Sweet Tite aka Margaret , Jack of all trade ,UPS Mike D Houston, Ms Willies & cps gang , Mr Jack of all resources or Sir_Antho3... Who's to Blame_King of the struggle... Be their was hell it was heaven......#getwitit424 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anthony-albert/support

  47. Chemistry is everywhere

    47.Chemistry is everywhere

    A podcast about chemistry in our daily lives and in the world around us

  48. The Pharma Lab Show

    48.The Pharma Lab Show

    The Pharma Lab Show is a podcast exploring the technologies, analysis, and innovation that goes into bringing the pharmaceuticals that allow humanity to live longer, fuller, healthier lives.  Each episode features interviews with industry leaders and experts who share how they are working tirelessly to bring these life-changing products into the world.

  49. The World of the API

    49.The World of the API

    The World of the API is a new podcast series by Teva api. In this series, we’ll be exploring the stories of the work we do at Teva api, through conversations with the scientists, leaders and experts who make it happen.https://www.teva-api.com/

  50. SPE podcasts

    50.SPE podcasts

    the SPE podcast, a series of podcast interviews with SPE alumni, petroleum engineers and people with inspiring success stories in the field

  51. After-Hours


    Discussions with AP & Co.

  52. GCSE Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    52.GCSE Chemistry Revision with Jonas

    GCSE Chemistry Revision with Jonas provides you with easy-to-follow theory and examples. With years of experience Jonas helps students to improve their confidence and skills so that they would be able to succeed in their exams. Listen to the podcast and let’s turn your exam experience into a success story.

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