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  1. Criminal


    Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge. Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.

  2. Freakonomics Radio

    2.Freakonomics Radio

    Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner uncovers the hidden side of everything. Why is it safer to fly in an airplane than drive a car? How do we decide whom to marry? Why is the media so full of bad news? Also: things you never knew you wanted to know about wolves, bananas, pollution, search engines, and the quirks of human behavior. Join the Freakonomics Radio Plus membership program for weekly member-only episodes of Freakonomics Radio. You’ll also get every show in our network without ads. To sign up, visit our show page on Apple Podcasts or go to freakonomics.com/plus.

  3. World of Secrets

    3.World of Secrets

    The stories they don’t want told. Global BBC investigations and gripping storytelling - holding the powerful to account. Delve into a World of Secrets.



    COMMONS is a documentary podcast that proves Canada is anything but boring. Each season, host Arshy Mann guides you through the country’s dark underbelly, bringing you stories about crime, corruption and all manner of misdeeds. This season, we’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about what makes a “cult.” Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  5. Take Me To Your Leader!

    5.Take Me To Your Leader!

    Hamish Macdonald delves into the lives and motives of eight leaders. From autocratic strongmen to democratic internationalists, from left to right to far right, Take Me To Your Leader! examines the cultural, historical, geographical and personal origins underpinning the ambitions of the people on the world stage. How well do we really know them, and what would we uncover if we asked their friends, enemies, colleagues and observers to 'Take me to Your Leader!'

  6. The Why Files: Operation Podcast

    6.The Why Files: Operation Podcast

    The Why Files covers mysteries, myths and legends. We tell stories and seek the truth in a fun and lighthearted way. Our content is heavily researched; we don't release an episode unless we're sure we can bring something new to a topic.

  7. Bed of Lies

    7.Bed of Lies

    It was meant to be a miracle treatment, but it became a deadly poison. Cara McGoogan investigates the story they didn't want you to know - and one of the biggest medical disasters in history. The award-winning first series of Bed of Lies is also available to listen to on this feed: They have the perfect relationship, until one day he vanishes. Her hunt leads to other women just like her - and a web of state-spun lies. This is the untold story of one of Britain's biggest secrets.

  8. Secrets We Keep

    8.Secrets We Keep

    Amelia Oberhardt thought she knew her Mum... until she died. It was then Amelia discovered a photo revealing her mother, a teenager, with a wedding ring, an apparent husband, cuddling an unknown baby. Determined to find out more, Amelia's journey takes her into the secrets of 1950-1970s Australia—shotgun marriages, hushed abortions, and forced adoptions. It’s the story of what happens when young women are put in impossible situations, and where this messy knot leaves families decades later.

  9. Think Twice: Michael Jackson

    9.Think Twice: Michael Jackson

    More than a decade since Michael Jackson’s death, his legacy remains complicated and unresolved. Think Twice: Michael Jackson is an exploration of the King of Pop’s life and impact – and an investigation into why his global influence continues to endure, despite the disturbing allegations against him. In this ten-part series, journalists Leon Neyfakh and Jay Smooth bring you a new perspective on the Michael Jackson story, based on dozens of original interviews with people who watched it unfold from up close. You can binge every episode of Think Twice: Michael Jackson, ad-free on Amazon Music, Wondery+ or Audible.

  10. Real Life Ghost Stories

    10.Real Life Ghost Stories

    Real Life Ghost Stories is a podcast dedicated to real life paranormal experiences. We discuss hauntings, ghosts, death, aliens, psychology, skeptics and everything in between. In each episode we review our favourite (and least favourite) paranormal shows and movies. Email us your stories at: reallifeghoststoriespodcast@gmail.com Why not support us on patreon: patreon.com/reallifeghoststories

  11. Classy with Jonathan Menjivar

    11.Classy with Jonathan Menjivar

    “The show came about because I grew up working-class,” says Jonathan Menjivar, creator and host of Classy with Jonathan Menjivar, Apple Podcasts' Spotlight show for September 2023. "I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that, and I wanted to talk to people about it.” Menjivar was a blue-collar Latino kid who started working in media and became someone who likes oysters, wears cashmere socks, and is very conflicted about all of it. A reporter and senior podcast producer for Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios, Menjivar came to podcasts through public radio where he worked at shows like This American Life and Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The collection of stories is an honest, inquisitive, and nuanced look into how class shapes our perspectives of the world and how we belong in it. The show leaves listeners deeply moved to reflect on their own experiences or reconsider how they interact with others in their day-to-day lives. “It’s super nice to know that our vulnerable, sometimes very silly approach, is meaningful to people,” says Menjivar. “I hope people are walking away with three-dimensional portrayals of people of different classes. No matter where you are class-wise, people have complicated relationships with their class status that they’re dealing with internally.”

  12. True Stories with Seth Andrews

    12.True Stories with Seth Andrews

    Inspired by the classic radio broadcasts of Paul Harvey, "True Stories" episodes are short vignettes (averaging five minutes in length) featuring strange, compelling, and entertaining human stories from our past and present. This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5621867/advertisement

  13. The Paranormal Podcast

    13.The Paranormal Podcast

    America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Josh Gates, Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 690 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold.

  14. How I Survived

    14.How I Survived

    Amazing, first-hand survival stories from people who have faced the unimaginable and escaped with their lives. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  15. Symptomatic: A Medical Mystery Podcast

    15.Symptomatic: A Medical Mystery Podcast

    How terrifying would it be to fight an unknown enemy? One you don’t recognize and didn’t see coming? What if that enemy was coming from within; a disease that even doctors couldn’t identify? Nearly half of all Americans suffer from some chronic illness and many struggle for an accurate diagnosis. Every other week on Symptomatic, host Lauren Bright Pacheco unravels the medical mystery of a patient’s baffling symptoms and explores how their lives were turned upside down in search of answers. From the first signs of trouble, through a swirl of misdirection and failed treatment attempts, to the final relief at a confirmed diagnosis - these are their stories. This is Symptomatic. And for Season 2, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you think of the show or share your own medical mystery by emailing us at Symptomatic@iHeartMedia.com.

  16. Be Amazed

    16.Be Amazed

    Amazingly interesting fact podcasts. From most amazing people to future technology creations to facts about amazing mysteries, if it’s amazing, we'll explore it. Oh, and there's a splash of humor thrown in too. You'll be amazed at our mind-blowing array of fun facts and condensed lists.

  17. More Than Mail

    17.More Than Mail

    Taking you on an adventure on the Kynuna McKinlay mail run in North West Queensland. There are stories every where I look, not always big, life changing stories, but stories that get to the heart of why I love living 'out back'. Come along and join our escapades!

  18. Dear Jane

    18.Dear Jane

    This is Jane’s story about her experience of what she believed as a teenager to be a loving relationship in an Auckland church community during the 1990s. It was a sexual relationship with a man who was not only ten years her senior, but also her youth group leader. Now, 30 years on and with help from award-winning author and podcast producer Noelle McCarthy, Jane is trying to connect the dots between her stolen youth and the guilt, shame and trauma she’s carried since. For Jane, this journey is about finding answers and ultimately a sense of peace. To do that, she sets out to come face to face with her abuser and take her power back.  Dear Jane was made with the support of NZ On Air  Resources: If this series brings up any issues for you there is help available 24-7: Helpline - free call or text 1737 Youthline - phone 0800 376 633, free text 234 or email talk@youthline.co.nz  Suicide Crisis Helpline - phone 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)

  19. JFK The Enduring Secret

    19.JFK The Enduring Secret

    An in depth tutorial and discussion around the assassination of John F. Kennedy, (JFK) the country's 35th president who was brutally murdered in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. The series comprehensively explores the major facts, themes, and events leading up to the assassination in Dealey Plaza and the equally gripping stories surrounding the subsequent investigation. We review key elements of the Warren Commission Report , and the role of the CIA and FBI. We explore the possible involvement of the Mafia in the murder and the review of that topic by the government's House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970's. We explore the Jim Garrison investigation and the work of other key figures such as Mark Lane and others. Learn more about Lee Harvey Oswald the suspected killer and Jack Ruby the distraught Dallas night club owner with underworld ties and the man that killed Oswald as a national TV audience was watching. Stay with us as we take you through the facts and theories in bite sized discussions that are designed to educate, and inform as well as entertain the audience. This real life story is more fascinating than fiction. No matter whether you are a serious researcher or a casual student, you will enjoy the fact filled narrative and story as we relive one of the most shocking moments in American History. An event that changed the nation and change the world forever.

  20. Tiny Huge Decisions

    20.Tiny Huge Decisions

    We all want our friends to be happy ... but how far would you go to help? Tiny Huge Decisions follows two best friends, Mohsin and Dalia, as they make a possibly relationship altering choice – will she be the gestational surrogate for Mohsin and his husband? Mohsin grew up in a devout Muslim family where being gay was inconceivable. He couldn’t imagine living the life he dreamed of—to create his own family. He’s now met the love of his life, Matthew, and they want a child. When Mohsin’s best friend, Dalia, said she’d consider being a surrogate for them, he couldn’t believe it—she already has a child of her own and had serious complications with her pregnancy. Eavesdrop in on their conversations, their processing, and their choices, as they grapple with the real question: is this the worst idea in the world, or the greatest gift a friend can give?

  21. In Trust

    21.In Trust

    A hundred and fifty years ago, the Osage Nation bought a stretch of prairie the size of Delaware, in what's now Oklahoma. The Osage owned the land and everything beneath it. Today, much of present-day Osage County has left Osage hands. In some cases, appropriation was swift and brutal: Dozens of Osages were murdered for their share of lucrative mineral rights to this oil-rich land, a period often referred to as the Reign of Terror. But other transfers of wealth played out more subtly—dollar by dollar and acre by acre, over decades—helped along by policies created by the US government. Learn more and follow our listener guides at bloomberg.com/intrust.

  22. How To Destroy Everything

    22.How To Destroy Everything

    From Webby Award Winning Aileron Podcast Studios, comes the true story of a man who wreaks havoc on a community: “He taps phone lines, steals notary stamps, gets banned from restaurants, hacks emails, and forges signatures. He inspires a support group comprised solely of people he traumatized. In court, he references arcane British case law and submits literally thousands of motions to delay and obstruct, leaving anyone who stands in his way not only penniless but emotionally bankrupt and utterly destroyed. He was also my dad.”

  23. Decoder Ring

    23.Decoder Ring

    Decoder Ring is the show about cracking cultural mysteries. In each episode, host Willa Paskin takes a cultural question, object, or habit; examines its history; and tries to figure out what it means and why it matters.

  24. Elon Musk Thinking

    24.Elon Musk Thinking

    Welcome to my podcast! This Podcast is all about documentary of Elon Musk Life!

  25. The Alien UFO Podcast

    25.The Alien UFO Podcast

    My mission is to investigate all things that are part of the wider the UFO phenomena. Each week I am looking into a different aspect of this fascinating field and go in depth into the evidence that is all around us. I am looking at UFO sightings, alien abduction, historic cases and other related phenomena. I interview researchers in the field and people who have had very real experiences.

  26. Mike Drop

    26.Mike Drop

    The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.

  27. The Columbine Massacre

    27.The Columbine Massacre

    The tragedy of Columbine High.

  28. Hooked on Freddie

    28.Hooked on Freddie

    Did one man’s friendship with a dolphin go way – way – too far? It’s 1987 and the British seaside town of Amble has seen much better days. So when a wild bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Freddie appears in the harbour, it feels like a miracle. Everyone wants to swim with him. But Freddie chooses one person above all others: Alan Cooper, a dedicated animal rights activist committed to freeing captive dolphins. Then Alan’s friendship with Freddie is turned against him and a devastating accusation spirals out of control.

  29. Radio Diaries

    29.Radio Diaries

    First-person diaries, sound portraits, and hidden chapters of history from Peabody Award-winning producer Joe Richman and the Radio Diaries team. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. The extraordinary stories of ordinary life. Radio Diaries is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at radiotopia.fm

  30. The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop

    30.The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop

    Grenada’s revolutionary leader, Maurice Bishop, was executed in a coup in 1983. Seven other people, members of his cabinet and friends, were killed alongside him. The whereabouts of their remains are unknown. Now, in a series two years in the making, The Washington Post’s Martine Powers discovers new information about the 40-year-old mystery, including the role the U.S. played in shaping the fate of this Caribbean nation.

  31. Rescue


    The world’s most astonishing rescue stories; told by the people who were there. Join host Donny Dust, Marine Corps veteran and world-renowned survival expert, as we marvel at the magnitude of the human spirit and those who refuse to surrender in the face of impossible odds. From seasoned search and rescuers to everyday heroes, we go on their journey as they brave treacherous arctic waters, tsunamis, mountains, collapsed mines and even space, to preserve the most sacred of all – life. A Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment production at sonymusic.com/podcasts and follow us on @sonypodcasts To bring your brand to life in this podcast, email podcastsales@sonymusic.com

  32. Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto

    32.Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto

    What happens when a city on the verge of collapse tries to reinvent itself? How much will it cost? Who will pay the price? Reporter David Weinberg spent years following one city in California’s Mojave desert as it tried to transform itself from a city of prisons to a city of pot. And it worked…for a while. Until it, spectacularly, didn’t. From Crooked Media, this is Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto. Coming June 7th wherever you get your podcasts.

  33. The Syria Trials

    33.The Syria Trials

    Season 2 of The Syria Trials tracks the story of Brigadier General Khaled al-Halabi. Over 11 episodes, we tell the story of Halabi’s work within the Syrian intelligence system, his role in violently suppressing the peaceful Revolution and his escape to Europe, after his city fell out of regime control. Throughout the series, we’re asking two key questions: who is Halabi and why hasn’t he been arrested yet?

  34. Next Question with Katie Couric

    34.Next Question with Katie Couric

    Katie Couric is back on the mic with a new season of intimate, urgent and unexpected conversations – this time with a new twist. Along with her signature in-depth one-on-one interviews, she’ll be joined by a number of special guest-hosts for a series of “Katie Plus One” episodes. Together they’ll get to know some of the world’s most interesting and influential people and explore the big ideas percolating in the zeitgeist--but with a focus on slowing down, diving deep, and connecting with each other, a reprieve from a culture obsessed with hot takes and surface-level small talk. Tune in every Thursday and join Katie Couric and her guests for a conversation that feels like a warm hug and a seat at the table.

  35. Storytime with Seth Rogen

    35.Storytime with Seth Rogen

    Hi! Welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogen, where every week Seth asks somebody, “Do you have a great story? And if you do, will you tell it on my podcast?” That’s it. That’s the concept. But the results are so much more than that. This is not a typical comedian-hosted chat show! Each episode plays like a little audio documentary, a feature presentation unto itself, with supporting interviews and archival tape woven into each story with a rhythmic editing style. Not all the stories are knee-slap funny, and not all the guests are known. From a near-death grizzly bear fight in remote Canada, to a life-altering celebrity encounter in a movie theatre, to the revelation of a family secret, Storytime starts with Seth’s curiosity about people and the world, and always ends up in an unexpected place.

  36. Death in The Garden

    36.Death in The Garden

    “Death in The Garden” is a multimedia project that explores the complex intersection of the cycle of life and death, holism, climate change, civilization, ecology, and health from the perspective of two incredibly curious millennials on a journey to make sense of a very nuanced world. In addition to those listed above, our podcast highlights topics like regenerative agriculture, food, psychology, spirituality, politics, society, and our overall relationship with Nature and the ecosystems we are part of. deathinthegarden.substack.com

  37. Tahrir Podcast - بودكاست التحرير

    37.Tahrir Podcast - بودكاست التحرير

    Tahrir Podcast is the first political podcast to broadcast from Cairo. Top 10% podcasts globally. Best 60 Middle East podcasts. أول بودكاست سياسي يُبث من القاهرة ومن أكثر البودكاست إستماعًا في الشرق الأوسط ومن ضمن أعلي ١٠٪؜ عالميًا. Conversations with academics, journalists, activists, politicians and notable individuals on Middle East and North African politics and history, democracy, and everything in between. لقائات مع أكاديميين وصحفيين ونشطاء وسياسيين وأفراد بارزين حول سياسات وتاريخ الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا، والديمقراطية Streaming on all platforms—YouTube included.

  38. Ghosts and Grit With Jack Osbourne

    38.Ghosts and Grit With Jack Osbourne

    Join Jack Osbourne, adventurer, producer, and host extraordinaire, as he shares his thoughts on a medley of topics spanning adventure, survival, paranormal experiences, and beyond. With compelling weekly episodes, Jack welcomes a host of intriguing guests for in-depth conversations, taking you along for a wild ride into his unique world. No topic is off-limits for Jack as he fearlessly delves into riveting discussions on current events, relationships, and even ventures into the realm of bizarre news and paranormal phenomena. With each episode, he brings forth extraordinary individuals who have confronted their own demons, both literal and metaphorical, unearthing profound insights into their incredible resilience, grit and the unbreakable human spirit. This one-of-a-kind podcast promises an unparalleled experience, fueled by Jack's boundless curiosity, fearless approach, exceptional guests, and uncensored discussions that will leave you captivated week after week.

  39. Leaving Eden Podcast

    39.Leaving Eden Podcast

    A podcast about the IFB Cult as told by survivor Sadie Carpenter, with her co-host Gavri'el HaCohen. This podcast covers the IFB, the history of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, other cults, other religions, and the real and present threat that cults and cult ideologies pose to society as a whole. Our goal is to promote freedom of mind, freedom of thought, and freedom of religion. General Content Warning: In general we talk about a lot of potentially triggering topics on this show, including but not limited to suicide and mental health, racism, misogyny, PTSD and PTSD symptoms, child abuse, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, and spiritual abuse including guilt, shame, and fear. In most episodes we’ll mention at least a few of these topics, but we try very hard to avoid graphic detail unless it’s relevant to the story we’re telling, and we do our best to give the audience a heads-up before going into detail on any of these topics. For press and other inquiries, contact LeavingEdenPod@gmail.com Join our Patreon for extended, uncensored, and ad-free versions of most of our episodes! https://www.patreon.com/LeavingEdenPodcast Join our Facebook group to join in the discussion with other fans! https://www.facebook.com/groups/edenexodus Social Media: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/leavingedenpodcast/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LeavingEdenPod FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LeavingEdenPodcast Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  40. Everyone Has An Ex

    40.Everyone Has An Ex

    Exes. We’ve all had one and we’ve all been one. And while breakups can be painful and heart-breaking, a complete surprise or a total relief, there’s always a story to be told.  This documentary-style series, narrated by Georgia Love, will bring you a collection of unconventional stories about relationships past, through the eyes and the hearts of the very people who lived them. Tales of public humiliation and prison to forbidden love and funerals; she'll bring you the good, the bad and all the juicy details in between. Everyone Has An Ex explores the deep intricacies of relationships, the curve-balls life throws at you and overcoming adversity through resilience, honesty and a few glasses of wine. Email us your story: everyonehasanex@mintymedia.com.au Follow us on Instagram: @everyonehasanex Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  41. Spy Valley: An Engineer's Nuclear Betrayal

    41.Spy Valley: An Engineer's Nuclear Betrayal

    “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” Silicon Valley is an espionage innovator—it has been since its inception. During the dawn of the high-tech age, an engineer named James Harper begins his industrious climb. But as Silicon Valley blossoms into what it is today, so too does the dark side of all this newfound wealth and ambition—right as the cold war reaches its final crescendo. As Harper works to build his fortune, his ambition endangers his nation’s safety. He sells nuclear secrets to the Soviet Bloc—intelligence that might still help Moscow in a nuclear exchange today. It would become the chase of a lifetime for San Francisco’s FBI spy hunters. In this series, we’ll walk you through a maze. One of nuclear spying, technology theft, and double agents, and the too wild-to-be-believed events that placed James Harper at the center of this story. And you’ll hear that story from James Harper–the Soviet Bloc spy–himself. Spy Valley is a Project Brazen production. For more fearless storytelling, search for the Brazen channel on Apple Podcasts or visit brazen.fm, home to all our podcasts, documentaries and newsletters. At Brazen, we show you how the world really works – from espionage and corruption to deal-making and organised crime, we’ll take you inside stories from hidden worlds. Don’t stay in the dark. Subscribe to Brazen+ on Apple Podcasts or at brazen.fm/plus and get exclusive bonus episodes for Spy Valley and all our shows, as well as ad-free listening and early access to new podcasts. For the latest from Brazen delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletters at brazen.fm/newsletters.

  42. Skinwalker Radio

    42.Skinwalker Radio

    Skinwalker Radio is a paranormal variety show. We bring you an objective look into the world of the paranormal using facts, logic, reason, science, and religion. Expect topics such as Skinwalker ranch, UFOs, conspiracy theories, spooky stories from the woods, and much more. If you would like access to the videos and additional content, please just us on Patreon Become a Patron!

  43. Crime After Crime

    43.Crime After Crime

    A monthly podcast where two true crime YouTubers, Danelle Hallan and John Lordan, challenge each other to tell the best story about a true crime related topic. Listeners voting online will determine the winner. New episodes premiere on the first of each month.

  44. The Superhero Complex

    44.The Superhero Complex

    When darkness falls over Seattle, a masked crusader emerges from the shadows. His name? Phoenix Jones - a charismatic cage fighter, hell-bent on ridding the streets of criminals.  Welcome to the world of real life superheroes - ordinary people who put on outrageous costumes and head out to fight crime. Phoenix’s team of superhero sidekicks have all turned against him. They say he’s no hero and in 2020, it’s Phoenix who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.  So is Phoenix a model citizen fighting for a better world? Or is he a fraudster who used a superhero identity to disguise his own crimes? Journalist David Weinberg sets out on a wild journey to find out. The Superhero Complex is produced by Novel for iHeartRadio For more from Novel visit Novel.audio

  45. You Don't Know Me

    45.You Don't Know Me

    Virginia Trioli peels back the public persona of some of Australia’s biggest names - what they love, the road not taken and the things they do only when the cameras and microphones are off.

  46. Danny Jones Podcast

    46.Danny Jones Podcast

    Danny’s quest to get smarter.

  47. Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down A Drug Lord

    47.Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down A Drug Lord

    Identical twins Jay and Pete Flores, who were once North America’s biggest drug traffickers and El Chapo’s right hand men, turned themselves into the U.S. government with the hopes of starting a new, safer life for their family. But after years of cooperating to get the world's most powerful drug kingpin behind bars, and finally gaining their freedom with a chance to start again, everything for the Flores family began to unravel. In Season 2 of Surviving El Chapo, hosts Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Charlie Webster hear Jay and Pete reveal for the first time what really happened during their turbulent 14-year prison journey and what it was like to come face-to-face in court with El Chapo. Plus, find out the shocking backstory to the prison sentence that the Flores wives are currently facing. Hosted and executive produced by award-winning artist and producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and critically acclaimed broadcast journalist and producer Charlie Webster. Brought to you by Lionsgate Sound as a world exclusive with iHeartPodcasts.

  48. Serial Killers

    48.Serial Killers

    Top 2 serial killers in the world!

  49. An Army of Normal Folks

    49.An Army of Normal Folks

    Our country’s problems will never be solved by a bunch of fancy people in nice suits talking big words on CNN and Fox, but by An Army of Normal Folks just deciding “hey, I can help.” Hosted by Coach Bill Courtney from the Oscar-winning Undefeated, this podcast is building the Army and celebrating its extraordinary members. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

  50. Motherlode


    Introducing Motherlode, a Ranieri & Co. production. The gripping story about the birth of computer hacking from an unlikely centre - Melbourne Australia. It was here teenage boys, and they were mostly boys, hacked into some of the biggest organisations in the world. It’s also where a young hacker, Julian Assange, cut his teeth on computers and went on to develop Wikileaks, the most disruptive website the world has seen. But Wikileaks didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. It was 20 years in the making. Motherlode reveals the technological and political motivations behind it.

  51. Pariah


    Harvey Proctor was a dark political star who burned brightly in the 1980s, until a tabloid sting brought him down. 25 years later he found himself facing another vicious scandal. What had he done - and what had we done - to bring him to that moment? Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  52. The Frost Tapes

    52.The Frost Tapes

    David Frost was the 20th century’s most prolific interviewer, a master of conversation with a remarkable talent for getting people to open up and spill their souls. Many of his conversations, however, have been lost—until now. Presented by his son, broadcaster Wilfred Frost, in Season One of “The Frost Tapes,” we resurrected interviews covering topics that had astounding relevance with current events in 2020. In Season Two, we’re joining David as he interviews the greatest entertainers of the 20th/21st centuries: Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhhamad Ali, the Beatles, and more. You can’t hear these interviews anywhere else.

  53. Diggin' Oak Island

    53.Diggin' Oak Island

    A podcasters journey to discover the truth behind the Oak Island Money Pit mystery. We will dive deep into the Curse of Oak Island television show and dig down on the history of the amazing 200-plus year treasure hunt.

  54. Ghost Herd

    54.Ghost Herd

    A true story of family, fraud, land and power in the American West. Ghost Herd is a joint production of KUOW and Northwest Public Broadcasting, both members of the NPR Network.

  55. Ear Hustle

    55.Ear Hustle

    Ear Hustle brings you the daily realities of life inside prison shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration. The podcast is a partnership between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, and Earlonne Woods, formerly incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and was co-founded with former San Quentin resident Antwan Williams. The Ear Hustle team works in the San Francisco Bay Area, both in San Quentin State Prison’s media lab and from offices on the outside, to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny and always honest. Episodes offer a nuanced view of people involved with the American prison system and those reintegrating into society after serving time.

  56. Are UFO Real?

    56.Are UFO Real?

    Two armchair UFOlogists have their eyes on the skies while trying to keep their feet on the ground... Join us each week as we explore different stories associated with UFO and UAP phenomena.

  57. Death on the Lot

    57.Death on the Lot

    This season, we’re getting into 1950s Hollywood, ground zero for a cultural transformation that would upend every aspect of Americans’ lives. A movie theater in every city, a TV in every living room, and a Post-war America determined to be happy at any cost. Also during this period… a slew of untimely Hollywood deaths. The rules of the road for the next seventy years were being written in real-time, and not everyone would make it out alive. This is the story of how Hollywood sold us on a new American Dream, and left a few unlucky stars holding the bag. Hosted by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice, Succession). Want the full story? Unlock all episodes of Death on the Lot and Death at the Wing, ad-free, right now by subscribing to The Binge. Plus, get binge access to brand new stories dropping on the first of every month — that’s all episodes, all at once, all ad-free. Just click ‘Subscribe’ on the top of the Death on the Lot show page on Apple Podcasts or visit GetTheBinge.com to get access wherever you listen. A HyperObject Industries & Sony Music Entertainment production. To bring your brand to life in this podcast, email podcastadsales@sonymusic.com. Find out more about The Binge and other podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts and follow us @sonypodcasts.

  58. Africville Forever

    58.Africville Forever

    In 1969, the last home in the Black community of Africville was flattened. The bulldozer was hired by a city that had schemed to claim this valuable land for generations. In this 5 part series, we tell the story of this unique and beautiful place. Born out of adversity, it thrived as a safe haven for people of African descent in Canada. If you care about racism, displaced peoples and social justice, then you need to know the story of Africville Forever. Hosted by Eddy Carvery III & Alfred Burgesson A Podstarter production for Frequency Podcast Network

  59. Upfront Podcast

    59.Upfront Podcast

    Welcome to Upfront. The place where it’s ok to ask upfront questions in order to inspire open, honest and upfront conversation. The reality is everyone has a story worth sharing, you only have to ask the right questions. Long-form interviews that land every so often - so make sure to give us a follow. Join the conversation @upfront_thepodcast. Want to chat? Touch base at hello@upfrontpodcast.com.au. Written & created by Cush Kilvington.

  60. My Year in Mensa

    60.My Year in Mensa

    Jamie Loftus takes you through her year in the high-IQ Mensa society, from taking the test as a joke to spending the Fourth of July with 2000 angry Mensans in Phoenix. Chaos reigns, but at least it tests well.

  61. FGM Stories

    61.FGM Stories

    FGM stories shares experiences of women and girls living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation, and that of advocates working daily on FGM abandonment. This is in a bid to educate and enlighten the teeming populace on the harmful effects of FGM and the need to join the campaign towards a total elimination of the practice.

  62. Deliver Us From Ervil

    62.Deliver Us From Ervil

    In the 1940s, a group of Mormon dreamers started a town in the Mexican desert. But what began as a utopian vision quickly turned sour when the founding family’s son, Ervil LeBaron, struggled for control of the community and unleashed a multi-generational crimewave – the ripples of which are still being felt today. From bank robbery to drug smuggling, auto theft rings to multiple murders, a deadly cult evolved into a sophisticated organized crime family. In Deliver Us From Ervil, journalist Jesse Hyde tells the story of Ervil LeBaron and the unlikely ensemble of reporters, cops, survivors and family insiders trying to halt his bloody legacy. Deliver Us From Ervil is produced by Novel for iHeartRadio.

  63. Egyption God And Goddesses

    63.Egyption God And Goddesses

    The egyptians worshipped a number of different Gods and Goddesses! Can you nace any?

  64. Biggie Smalls/Tupac Beef and Deaths

    64.Biggie Smalls/Tupac Beef and Deaths

    This podcast will go in depth about Tupac and Biggie's deaths.

  65. Liberating Humanity | Real Heroes, Real Stories, and the Fight Against Child Trafficking

    65.Liberating Humanity | Real Heroes, Real Stories, and the Fight Against Child Trafficking

    Welcome to the Liberating Humanity Podcast-- Unveiling the Sound of Freedom. Join us on an extraordinary journey into the harrowing world of undercover missions aimed at rescuing vulnerable children from the clutches of human traffickers. Hosted by Paul Hutchinson, a seasoned expert with 70 missions under his belt, each episode takes you deep into the heart of these daring operations. Experience the gripping narratives as brave men and women risk their lives to infiltrate criminal networks, expose their operations, and bring innocent children to safety. Through candid interviews, our podcast features real-life heroes supported by law enforcement agencies and NGOs, who share the challenges, emotional toll, and ultimate triumphs of their missions. Liberating Humanity, not only sheds light on child trafficking but also educates listeners on identifying warning signs and the measures taken to combat this global crisis. Our goal is to inspire action and empower individuals to become advocates in the fight against child exploitation. Are you ready to step into the shadows and embark on this powerful mission with us? Tune in now and join the movement to protect and liberate those in need.

  66. Rights Back At You

    66.Rights Back At You

    Amnesty International Canada examines anti-Black racism, policing, and surveillance in a brand new podcast, Rights Back At You, hosted by Daniella Barreto. We delve into stories of resistance and meet the people making change unstoppable. From facial recognition and the right to protest to the war on drugs and defunding the police, this series connects the dots and passes the mic to people building a better future now. Together, we unravel the Canada you think you know and challenge the systems that hold back human rights.

  67. Humans Not For Sale by Prerana

    67.Humans Not For Sale by Prerana

    Human Trafficking is a form of slavery. It’s the buying and selling of human beings through force, fraud, deception or coercion or by such other criminal means to exploit them for commercial sex, bonded labour or by harvesting their organs and trading in it. Human trafficking is a fast growing crime across the globe. On Humans Not For Sale by Prerana, we aim to create broader awareness around human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. We will help answer questions like - What is human trafficking? Is prostitution legal in India? How do the police conduct rescue operations? How do we help the rehabilitation of the victims? And more. Prerana is a non-profit and civil society organisation that protects children born to prostituted women in red light areas and helps the women themselves towards their rehabilitation, social reintegration and to restore their dignity by safeguarding their rights. For more information go to https://www.fighttrafficking.org/

  68. Fallen Angel

    68.Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel is a documentary podcast about Victoria's Secret...and its many, many secrets. The series investigates the origin story of one of the world’s most iconic brands and its effect on American culture for nearly 40 years, all told by women who witnessed what really happened behind the curtain. Fallen Angel goes back to the beginning of the lingerie megabrand to confront the many ways the brand influenced how a generation of women think about sex, desire, and beauty. The series also explores Les Wexner, the private man who has been at the head of the company for over 35 years, and his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Co-hosted by Vanessa Grigoriadis and Justine Harman, Fallen Angel is a production and direction of C13Originals, a Cadence13 studio, and Campside Media."Fallen Angel is a documentary podcast about Victoria's Secret...and its many, many secrets. The series investigates the origin story of one of the world’s most iconic brands and its effect on American culture for nearly 40 years, all told by women who witnessed what really happened behind the curtain. Fallen Angel goes back to the beginning of the lingerie megabrand to confront the many ways the brand influenced how a generation of women think about sex, desire, and beauty. The series also explores Les Wexner, the private man who has been at the head of the company for over 35 years, and his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Co-hosted by Vanessa Grigoriadis and Justine Harman. Fallen Angel is an Audacy original presented in partnership with Campside Media.

  69. Saving Apollo 13 👨‍🚀

    69.Saving Apollo 13 👨‍🚀

    Saving Apollo 13 is the incredible story of NASA's Apollo 13 mission, told by Forensic Engineer Sean Brady. It’s the story of the spacecraft that failed en route to the moon, and the feats of human ingenuity that saved the lives of the 3 men aboard. Saving Apollo 13 is produced by: forensic engineering firm Brady Heywood, and leading podcast agency Wavelength Creative.

  70. False Profits: Hillsong

    70.False Profits: Hillsong

    A personal journey into the heart of a global megachurch. Noemi Uribe was looking for a church where everyone is welcome and she thought she’d found it in Hillsong. But that was ‘the most expensive mistake I ever made’. Noemi’s story turned into one of rejection, despair, and a fight for justice. Hillsong used to be home, now for Noemi ‘it’s a dumpster fire’ False Profits dives into the Hillsong experience - from Christian rock music, to celebrity pastors and famous fans - tracing its journey from humble beginnings to incredible global status and wealth, and some shocking scandals. Through personal testimony and evidence that Hillsong never made public, we peel back the layers of a culture of submission, exploitation and discrimination. The church says it’s changed, but will it face its past and the people who say they’ve been harmed by Hillsong? Noemi Uribe is on a journey seeking justice, and accountability.

  71. In The Trenches

    71.In The Trenches

    In The Trenches tells the stories of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.): an organization dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking and exploitation worldwide. O.U.R. works with national and international governments to provide cutting-edge forensic tools and training, develop intel, go undercover, carry out rescue efforts, and conduct aftercare for the survivors of human trafficking. O.U.R. Founder and CEO, and In The Trenches host Tim Ballard will explore these operations with special guests who are taking bold action in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation. From undercover operators and aftercare specialists to survivors and advocates, these fighters will share behind-the-scenes accounts from around the world. O.U.R. exists to shine a light worldwide on the global issue of human trafficking and exploitation. From O.U.R.’s inception in 2013 to now, O.U.R. has assisted in the arrest of thousands of predators, and in the rescue of thousands of brave survivors who are now on the path to healing. We will not stop until zero humans are sold or exploited. The stories told in In The Trenches are a strong weapon in this war against modern-day slavery and human trafficking.To help support O.U.R. and rescue and care for more children, please head to https://www.ourrescue.org/give-now and thanks for listening.

  72. JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

    72.JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

    In this new podcast from Brevity Studios, Ryan Wolf embarks on one of the world's most difficult treks. The two-week journey to Mt Everest Base Camp, in the Himalayas in Nepal. This podcast features immersive sound, recorded on location, when listened through headphones you'll feel like you're really there. Like any adventure this wasn't without it's challenges, expect to hear everything. The good, the bad and the ugly, with audio recorded by Ryan on location, specifically for this podcast. Follow Journey today to make sure you're notified of the release of Episode One. Episodes will then be released weekly until the conclusion of the series. Apple+ Subscribers will get exclusive early access, ad free listening and bonus episodes that you don't want to miss. Episode one will be released FREE for all listeners on April 5th, then weekly until the end of the season. If you're planning the Two Week Trek to Mt Everest, then this podcast is a MUST listen. Ryan used the following accommodation and trekking company (this was not sponsored) and highly recommends: Accomodation in Thamel, Kathmandu The Shangri La Boutique Hotel (fantastic host and perfect location, please tell Keshab Ryan sent you). https://www.shangri-laboutiquehotel.com/ Ryan trekked with guide Nirajan, provided by Travelmakers, who also operate out of the Shangri La Boutique. +977 984 123 5937 travelmakersouthasia@gmail.com www.mytravelmakers.com For the best food and service Ryan highly recommends Gaia Restaurant (right next door to the Shangri La Boutique). Instagram: ryanwolfnz TikTok: ryanwolfnz Nirajan my guide's instagram: nirajanphuyalm10 For any questions about this podcast, or this trek you can email: brevitystudiosnz@gmail.com Aside from the cover artwork, this podcast was created 100% without the use of AI. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/journey-everest-base-camp. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.



    An original six-part series documenting one community’s experience of the Black Summer Bushfires

  74. The Lockdown Files

    74.The Lockdown Files

    In March 2023, the Daily Telegraph broke a story. The paper had obtained more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent between Matt Hancock and some of the most senior people in government.  Follow the Telegraph's Investigations team as they search for the full picture behind the messages and speak to those involved in making the key decisions which affected all our lives.  The Covid inquiry may be underway. But you shouldn't have to wait years for answers. 

  75. REAL CRIME (english version)

    75.REAL CRIME (english version)

    Do you think it's possible to find fingerprints on the rim of a bus wheel after it hascrashed into a dusty ravine? Do you think that every criminal, crushed by evidence, confesses? If you believe all this, continue watching your favourite detective series on TV, sitting comfortably in an armchair or on the sofa. If, on the other hand, you want to find out how a real investigation is conducted, the real investigative techniques and the difficulties investigators encounter and their sacrifices, then welcome to Real Crime. Here we get serious: we investigate, we struggle, we get mold on correspondence and files, we fight with hardened lawyers. There are no super-hot police investigators or dudes with brushed hair and a shaved beard. Here the cops are as real as the cases we are going to deal with and you are by their side. Watch out, because from now on you are part of Real Crime.

  76. dfbd



  77. This Got Weird

    77.This Got Weird

    Welcome to This Got Weird! A podcast where I find all the weirdest stories and mysteries from around the internet and bring them to you! Because if I have to know all this stuff, then so do you! -The Anxious Banshee

  78. Narcissists in Divorce: The Narcissist Trap

    78.Narcissists in Divorce: The Narcissist Trap

    Narcissism expert Dr Supriya McKenna tackles head on the issues that occur when  divorcing a narcissistic personality type. In this podcast she is often joined by veteran UK solicitor Karin Walker.  A former family doctor, Supriya is a best selling author in the field of narcissism. Her new book 'The Narcissist Trap - The Mind-Bending Pull of the Great Pretenders',  explains how anyone can be pulled into a narcissist's orbit - at work, at home, in social circles, and anywhere else. Readers learn how they can be sucked into the trap, how the narcissist keeps them trapped using psychological tricks, and what happens if they try to escape. They'll also discover the unfortunates who were born into the trap. With escape plans (for those who can leave their orbit) and strategies for communication and coping (for those who can't), the book is a must read for anyone wanting to understand this damaging condition which hides in plain sight.  in 2020 Dr Supriya also conceived and wrote, with UK Family lawyer Karin Walker, Narcissists and Family Law: A Practitioner's Guide.  Supriya and Karin have trained thousands of family law professionals in how to manage narcissistic divorces. With legal tips, advice for lawyers and more, this podcast is invaluable for anyone who suspects their spouse or partner might be narcissistic, as well for family lawyers, wishing to be able to better represent their clients.  For online courses, including 'Is my Partner a Narcissist?' and 'Demystifying The Narcissist' online courses, visit DoctorSupriya.com. And for more resources, and to contact Dr Supriya,  please do visit TheLifeDoctor.org. 

  79. Little Tiny

    79.Little Tiny

    Explore world history through the small things that have shaped it.

  80. Time & Money

    80.Time & Money

    Ben Franklin penned the phrase "time is money" back in the 18th century. Three hundred years later, we take it for granted. But the idea that time is money has had a massive impact on the way we work and earn our livelihoods today. Time & Money is an 8-part limited series designed to help you question your assumptions about time, money, and their intersection. What is money? How much is our time work? How do we measure quality time? And what metrics really matter when it comes to how we understand our time and our money? Time & Money is a special presentation of What Works, hosted by Tara McMullin, and YellowHouse.Media. You'll hear from experts like Paco de Leon, founder of Hell Yeah Bookkeeping, money coach Keina Newell, business operations specialist Elisabeth Jackson, and American in Paris Anne Ditmeyer. We'll dive into the history of work, consult philosophy, explore social and political theory, and ask: is time really money?

  81. After Skool

    81.After Skool

    This podcast was a way to let all of our feelings out and we will be talking about some interesting stuff!



    These podcasts will be about some theories that are floating around about Bigfoot, aliens ,ufo, and other so called interdimentional beings Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/elvis-presley10/support

  83. The Belly of the Beast

    83.The Belly of the Beast

    On the 100th anniversary of the death of Michael Collins, this podcast tells the fascinating story of Ned Broy, the double agent who helped Collins change the course of Irish history. The story begins when a Dublin based history teacher named Brendan McCauley learns that he has bought Ned Broy’s original home.  This starts a voyage of discovery concerning Broy and his critical involvement in Irish history.

  84. Wut.


    Wut. is a new podcast from content creators Ellie Main and Chelsea Harfoush, or as they’re collectively known, Those Two Girls. Join them and a guest every Wednesday for a semi-competitive discussion on the curious capers and crazy conspiracies that make you go…Wut. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chelsea-harfoush/support

  85. Untold


    We are all the same but different. Whats makes us unique is our stories. In this podcast, host Maeve Dennehy will explore the unique and untold stories of ordinary people.

  86. The Invisible Woman

    86.The Invisible Woman

    Regardless of background, education, skills, status, class or professional path, once a woman hits 50, she vanishes; her access to opportunity is limited and she is gradually excluded from fully participating in society until she disappears. Is this happening to you too? The Invisible Woman is a research and awareness project produced by Just Gold Digital Agency to create awareness on an urgent global syndrome affecting women over 50 years old.

  87. Know Or Not?

    87.Know Or Not?

    A Singapore narrative podcast that explores local artists & artisans. Hosted by Kenn Delbridge, each episode tells a story of where contemporary art and craft meet. Hear from the best Creators, Musicians, Crafters, Poets, Writers, Foodies, and more.

  88. Let’s Talk About It!

    88.Let’s Talk About It!

    Are you a free thinker? Often called a conspiracy theorist? Someone who thinks outside the box? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the place for you! Come and enjoy conversations with me, about everything up under the sun and more💙💡💙 Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/constant-growth/support

  89. Luppie Lesbian

    89.Luppie Lesbian

    Life of a Lesbian Woman living in a Pre/Post Pandemic with Lupus/Fibro. I love to spill the tea on Lupus, Lust, Love, and living as a Disabled Woman of Color during a Pre/PostPandemic.

  90. The Urban Detective

    90.The Urban Detective

    A podcast, investigating urban legends

  91. Integrative Lawyers of the World

    91.Integrative Lawyers of the World

    Welcome to Integrative Lawyers of the World. It's time for a new way of practicing law. A way that honors our interconnectedness and values what's really important, our core values - generosity, integrity, authenticity. If you agree, you are not alone. There is a global integrative law movement that is transformational, impactful, fun. It's time to grow because the world needs us. So, we are interviewing lawyers from around the world who share their experiences as integrative lawyers. One by one and together we can and we are making a positive impact. Join us along with host Kerry Raleigh for thought provoking discussions from some of the lawyers and advocates on the forefront of the Integrative Law Movement. Learn more at https://www.integrativelaw.com -Opinions are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily represent the Integrative Law Movement

  92. Serum


    A Black doctor, a potential cure for AIDS, and the quest to find out what happened to it. A production of WHYY’s The Pulse and Local Trance Media. For more on Serum, subscribe to our newsletter: https://localtrance.substack.com/

  93. Global Health Voices

    93.Global Health Voices

    Welcome to Global Voice, a weekly podcast that interviews frontline healthcare workers from around the world. Hosted by Malick Gaye, each episode introduces a new healthcare worker who is challenging health disparities in their communities. Often working in active conflict zones or areas with little-to-no access to medical care, our guest's lifesaving work will provide you a new perspective to global health challenges.

  94. R.M.Williams OUTBACK

    94.R.M.Williams OUTBACK

    R.M.Williams OUTBACK reangles its authentic, experienced lens on rural and regional Australia into the audio space. The hugely successful OUTBACK magazine has been published for 25 years and knows the Australian bush like nobody else. This podcast is inspired by the informative writing and spectacular photography in the magazine but is not limited to this content. Explore Australian news, events, stations, nature, art, people, history, gear, tracks, travel, pubs, towns and much more.

  95. Queer Not Here

    95.Queer Not Here

    Queer Not Here is a podcast documenting stories of LGBTQ Malaysians who have migrated away from Malaysia. The series explores the reasons why they left, how they see Malaysia now and what their hopes are for the LGBT community in Malaysia. Hosted by Nez. Content warning for homophobia and transphobia.

  96. Being23


    Just a podcast of an unemployed 23 year trying to figure out life and what to do with it

  97. Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail

    97.Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail

    Welcome to AXN Asia's Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail, a four-part podcast series that chronicles the Hakka trail of Taiwan's most iconic exports that is also a cultural and industrial link to the world. Follow our 2 incredible hosts, Chris and Danny, as they discover this new gem destination and uncover the beauty of the Raknus Selu Trail, including delicious Hakka cuisines and heartwarming stories of the Hakka heritage to unveil the Hakka culture to the world!

  98. Elizabeth the First

    98.Elizabeth the First

    In a world where “influence” equals follower counts and likes, there was one woman who, over the course of her career and half a century before, defined the meaning of influence and transformed its power. She went the distance by living a remarkable life beyond the dazzle - breaking ground as the first true influencer. Her name? Elizabeth Taylor. Narrated by Katy Perry, Elizabeth the First is a 10-episode podcast series exploring the life of Elizabeth Taylor as Hollywood icon, mother, wife, entrepreneur, advocate… and influencer. "Sumptuously produced" - The Toronto Star Elizabeth the First is produced by Imperative Entertainment in association with House of Taylor and Kitty Purry Productions. Executive producers are Katy Perry, Jason Hoch, and Stephanie Koff. Elizabeth the First is narrated by Katy Perry, produced by Jason Hoch, and written by Stephanie Koff. Sound Engineering and audio editing by Shaine Freeman and Jason Hoch. House of Taylor Trustees are Quinn Tivey, Tim Mendelson, and Barbara Berkowitz, and its Brand Strategy Consultant is Erin Dawkins. Marshall Eskowitz and Carey Schwartz of Sunset Blvd serve as Producing Partners and represent House of Taylor for Elizabeth Taylor licensing and content opportunities. Jasha Klebe wrote and composed the original score. Additional music provided by Rhys Tivey. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Taylor, ©BertSternTrust photographed by Bert Stern. Cover art and design by Jeana Sullivan. If you’d like to support The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, visit http://elizabethtayloraidsfoundation.org. And, if you’d like to go deeper into the world of Elizabeth Taylor, keep an eye out for the first authorized biography about her life. Elizabeth Taylor: the Grit & Glamour of an Icon by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kate Andersen Brower will be out on December 6.

  99. The Indonesianists

    99.The Indonesianists

    In this series we talk with scholars who have dedicated a significant amount of their life to help other people understand about Indonesia. This is not an academic discussion, rather, we chat about their interests, their personal life and views, and their hopes about Indonesia.

  100. Gaia Unexplained

    100.Gaia Unexplained

    What hidden histories could help humanity evolve? Join leading experts across disciplines to explore revelations of modern science in relation to misunderstood messages of antiquity and obscured events throughout Earth’s history. Unearth lost truths about suppressed technologies, advanced beings, government programs, and how this revolutionary information can change humanity’s destiny. To learn even more go to www.gaiaunexplained.com where you can watch interviews, movies, and original series.

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