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#127: Top Fertility Foods and Preconception Functional Lab Testing

Many of the women I speak with are super confused about all the conflicting information out there when it comes to things like which foods to eat for fertility and pregnancy, the best prenatal vitamin to take, and which lab tasting is beneficial. And I want to help you get the answers you need to feel really empowered around your health, and to help you get the best outcomes in terms of supporting your fertility, pregnancy and a healthy baby.

So this week I’m introducing you to my newest team member, Andisha Butterfield, who is a Functional Nutritionist and Registered Nurse specialising in fertility and pregnancy.

Here’s what we cover in the episode:

• The nutrients and foods that are key for optimising fertility

• The main foods to avoid to prepare for conception

• Functional lab testing for fertility, including HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), which is an awesome test for fertility and pregnancy that looks at our mineral status

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High Vibe & Healthy: Gut Health | Functional Nutrition | Whole Foods
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