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The Minimalists Podcast

Chronic Illness

The Minimalists Podcast
The Minimalists Podcast

The Minimalists speak with Dr. Jerry Tennant about preventing and treating chronic illness. Listen to all 2 hours of episode 368 on The Minimalists Private Podcast.

Discussed in this episode:

When will medicine shift its focus to prevention instead of just treating symptoms? (02:15)

Why did Dr. Tennant write Healing Is Voltage? (12:15)

How does low voltage contribute to illness? (17:29)

What paths of relief are available for those suffering with chronic illness? (22:38)

What did Dr. Tennant do to start his road to healing? (25:34)

How can nutrition help with chronic illness? (29:29)

How can minimalism help with the prevention and management of chronic illness? (33:44)

Why do some people suffer more from migraines than others? (39:24)

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The Minimalists Podcast
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