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by Caffeine Magazine
Adventures In Coffee

Latte Art: A Beginner's Guide


Prepare to make milk magic in your kitchen ... we're taking you on a journey towards becoming a latte art pro at home!

The best bit? You won't need loads of fancy equipment to achieve this - the tools you have in your kitchen right now will get you there... even a bottle of dishwashing detergent is your friend on this one!

First, Jools hops on the line with ‘friendly internet barista’ and coffee social media megastar Morgan Eckroth (aka @Morgandrinkscoffee) to get the lowdown on how to froth your milk to microfoam perfection.

Then, Scott calls up Heidi Philip-Smith, a four-time UK Latte Art Finalist, to find out how to pour your now perfectly frothed milk into simple yet stunning patterns.


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by Caffeine Magazine