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by Caffeine Magazine
Adventures In Coffee

The Secret to Tasting Coffee


Coffee tastes like coffee.

...or does it?

Scott, our resident “flavour-naut”, takes us on a journey into the world of coffee flavours and where they come from.

How can we actually 'taste' coffee? And what does it mean if you’re not getting the flavour of strawberry that is written on your coffee bag?

Scott starts off by calling up his very own dad - Ian “coffee-tastes-like-coffee” Bentley - and tries to convince him that coffee doesn’t just taste like coffee using a special trick.

We then hop on the line with Freda Yuan - Head of coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters and UK Cup Tasters Champion to give us a framework for identifying flavours.

And we finish with Diana Johnston Ledezma, Head of Quality Control at DRWakefield and UK Roasting Champion, who explains where coffee flavours actually come from and how they make their way into our coffee beans.

We're giving you a toolkit for your tastebuds and helping you crank up your confidence in coffee tasting... so prepare yourself for a tasty trip!


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Scott Bentley / Caffeine Magazine: https://bit.ly/3oijQ91
Jools Walker / Lady Velo: http://bit.ly/39VRGew
James Harper / Filter Stories: https://bit.ly/2Mlkk0O

Diana Johnston Ledezma on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3mPa9Sa

Freda Yuan on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3ytzfbE



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