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Annie's MiniBFF Podcast

Episode 2: Adam & Eve - Part One


We learned how God created the world (link to episode one) and designed it for us. In this episode Annie tells us the story of God creating Adam and how God welcomed Adam into the Garden of Eden. God never wanted us to be alone. 

Scripture: Genesis 2:4-25 

We’d love to see you draw a picture of the Garden of Eden! We can’t wait to see what you create. 

You can send your pictures to PO Box 121826 Nashville TN 37212 OR you can post it to instagram and tag @minibffbookclub 

In addition to the miniBFF podcast, Annie reads a book to all her miniBFFs over on @anniefdowns at 6pmCT live every Monday night. #minibffbookclub #minibffpodcast


Episode 2

Season 1

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