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by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg
Archinect Sessions One-to-One

47 – 'Next Up: The LA River' — The First Half


Missed out on Next Up: The LA River, Archinect Sessions' live podcasting event? Now you can listen to the first half all at once, on One-to-One. Next week we'll release the full second-half.

This playlist of live recordings features interviews with:

About Next Up: The LA River

When Frank Gehry's office was first attached to the L.A. River's master plan and redevelopment, the river began attracting fresh attention over a project that had already been evolving for decades. This October, in an attempt to do justice to the river's complexity and history (and the accompanying urbanist discourse), Archinect hosted 'Next Up: The LA River'—a live podcasting interview series with an array of architects, planners, artists, and journalists with varying perspectives on the subject.

We're now eager to share those conversations with everyone as eight Mini-Sessions, released as part of our Archinect Sessions podcast. Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, Paul Petrunia and Nicholas Korody moderated the conversations, which took place at the Los Angeles Architecture + Design Museum on October 29, 2016. While we reached out to them, unfortunately no representatives from Gehry's office were able to take part.



by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg