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by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg
Archinect Sessions One-to-One

50 – A psychic predicts who'll win the 2017 Pritzker (Season Finale)


Tired of all those repetitive Pritzker-prediction lists? Always those same, predictable bigly names, and when was the last time they actually got it right? It's time to cut through all the crap and go straight to the source to get the info — the ones who operate at a higher level than any listicle or explainer-piece could. So we asked a psychic.

After a quest to find a future-seer who would let me record the reading, I (Amelia) ventured deep into the depths of Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood and sat for 15 minutes with a psychic named Mary. She gave me the following tarot reading, responding to two questions: What are going to be the major concerns for architecture in 2017, and who’s going to win the Pritzker? Find out the answers in this season finale of One-to-One.

After this, One-to-One will be going on indefinite hiatus for 2017. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your feedback on the show — things you liked, disliked, ways to improve, and people you'd like us to interview. Send any One-to-One thoughts to us via connect@archinect.com or through Twitter, @archsessions. Here's to 2017, and thanks for listening!



by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg