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by Robert Rickover
Body Learning: The Alexander Technique

The Power of Paradoxical Alexander Technique Directions


Robert Rickover talks with Imogen Ragone, an Alexander Technique teacher in Wilmington, Delaware, about the effectiveness of Paradoxical Directions, and what that effectiveness says about the nature of our design. (This podcast is the audio portion of a video - youtu.be/1-icCAJzxwg - and you might find it useful to view it as well.) Imogen's website: ImogenRagone.com Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto Canada. Website: AlexanderTechniqueNebraska.com You can learn more about Alexander Technique directions in general here: BodyLearningCast.com/teachers/directions More information about the Alexander Technique: AlexanderTechnique.com You can learn how to support this and other Alexander Technique websites at posturepage.com/support



by Robert Rickover