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by Sofia Sundari
Boundless Love

Monogamy, Polyamory and all that jazz…


First and foremost comes our commitment to Love, to Truth, to God, and in all other areas of our Lives, including our connections with other people we need to see what supports that commitment.

As long as we are clear on that there will always be Freedom and there will always be Love.

It might mean that practically it looks like monogamy or polyamory or any other form of relating.

The question is always the same: what serves your commitment to Love?

In this episode, I share personal stories about my wide range of exploration in the realm of intimacy and my conclusions.

Would you like to know which relational form is of the best support for going to the core of the core… together?

Tune in with the latest episode of Boundless Love podcast to find out!



by Sofia Sundari