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by Clemmie Telford
But Why?



This week Clemmie speaks to Immy Lucas about sustainability and conscious living - two topics that tend to be divisive. Some people feel such passion for this way of living, while for others it feels a million miles down their list of priorities. And that's not because they don’t care, but because quite frankly they are busy surviving and making ends meet. 
My chat with Immy, who you can find on Instagram @sustainablyvegan, was, for me a really balanced version of this conversation and what we talked about felt actionable and realistic and reflective of the nuance. Find out more about Immy's work here.
This episode is sponsored by Rude Health, who I absolutely adore. I spoke to founder Camilla Barnard, who talked me through going from making muesli on her kitchen table with her husband to being the biggest brand in this category in the UK. She also shared her failures and learnings along the way.
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Episode 3

Season 2

by Clemmie Telford