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by Georgia Powell and Liza Shapiro
Calls with CURA: Stories from the Art World

Sacha Halona Baumann - Artist, Curator and Art Business Consultant


Sacha Halona Baumann is a woman of many talents. She is an artist, curator and art business consultant where she helps Los Angeles based artists problem solve and achieve their goals. Sacha is the independent publisher, designer and editor of  FULL BLEDE, a newspaper which features contemporary art and writing and usually launches in conjunction with an exhibition opening in LA. Since 2019, Sacha has also been working with Bettina Hubby as the studio manager of Hubby Co.  Born in Hollywood and after growing up in California, Alaska and Utah, Sacha currently lives and works in downtown LA and has a true and deep love for the city.


Episode 17

Season 1

by Georgia Powell and Liza Shapiro