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by Stephen Griffiths
Digging for Insights

Market Research Outlook | 5 Trends for 2021


Insights professionals have learned a lot in the past year, especially with the impact of COVID.  In this episode, I summarize observations from conversations with client-side researchers about current research trends that will continue well beyond the pandemic. 

Five Research Trends for 2021

1. Growth of Virtual Research (impact on qual, packaging and ideation work)
2. More DIY and fast turn research solutions (going from 2 week to 2 day timelines)
3. Fewer one-off projects, more ongoing systems (better integration of foundational research)
4. Location still matters - and other employment trends
5. Changing the WAY we work (more experimentation and agile)

This episode is part of a six-part series with other market research podcasts, the first coordinated effort from the MRX Podcast Network. To learn more about the network and other podcast episodes, visit diggingforinsights.com/21


Episode 21

Season 2

by Stephen Griffiths