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by Emily Jeffords
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The 5 Ways I would Market My Work If I Could ONLY Choose 5. From Share the Work


Welcome back to the Share the Work Series!

Welcome back! Want to WATCH this podcast episode? Well, you can!

So far we’ve talked about The 3 things you must know to sell art online, how to know if your art is worth selling, and TODAY, I’m sharing 5 super practical, actionable tips that you can use to support your work in the world.

Marketing your art in 2021 is very different than marketing in 2010, 1980, 1800, 1600... We have had to evolve exponentially as Creative Entrepreneurs. We have SO much freedom and creative control over our work and careers. The ability to meet collectors on our own -- the ability to grow and expand our work as we would like... it's all very exciting!

Wondering where you can go to meet all these amazing, elusive collectors?

Let's talk about marketing your work in 2021!

If I were to choose only 5 areas to market, it would be these:

Email Marketing

Make your studio list a vibrant and exciting place. Share behind the scenes, your inspiration, offer a peek inside your studio, stories, and insights... This is an intimate space!

Create a “studio email list” of people that are interested in you + your work

Nurture those people with a beautiful “welcome sequence” — a collection of 2-10 emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers sharing:

Send early access to artwork or collections

Show up on Instagram as a fine artist

Understand why you are there and why you are posting.

Share your work beautifully and consistently: photograph it well (more on this in the Share the Work Challenge — then a LOT more in MAW)

Share your work regularly (1/6 at least)


Pinterest is one of the VERY best places to share your work as a visual creative!

Pins tend to mature over age and offer benefits to your work 1-12 months after they are pinned.

Pinterest ads are also something to consider if you're ready to invest some $$ and thought into marketing.

Pin your work directly to Pinterest from the listing or blog post. Also, pin your Instagram posts! Why not reuse that glorious content?

Work with designers

Reach out to designers in your local community and offer them a trade discount (10-20% off). You can also request or barter for amazing photographs!

I didn't mention this in the video, but you can also with designers to rent your artwork for staged homes. Some wonderful passive income!

Commercial designers: restaurants, offices, hotels...

Go Offline

Find ways to share your work OFF the internet (art shows, galleries, craft fairs...) as we are able moving forward in 2021.

One in-person meeting is worth at least 10 online meetings. Be warm, welcoming, intentional, and get ready to welcome new people into your community!

I hope this video has spurred so many ideas and points of clarity.

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Episode 60

by Emily Jeffords