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by Emily Jeffords
Do It For the Process from Emily Jeffords

THIS IS A GOOD ONE -- Sharing Your Vision With Your Audience


What does it mean to share your vision with your audience?

How can you trust that your art can speak clearly and effectively in the world?

How can you build up your work so that it is VALUED by the right people?

  1. Get clear on why your work matters to you
  2. Look at your work from the outside — is it speaking in the way you intend?
  3. Learn to convey that value to others
  4. Define who your ideal audience is and where they feel most comfortable
  5. Use empathy to share your work effectively

This episode is long, but I recommend grabbing a notebook and settling in! We uncover SO MUCH mindset work and practical advice for you as you GROW.


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Episode 63

by Emily Jeffords