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by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang
First of All

Asian & Black Community Healing with Marcus Moore & BT (Culture Score)


Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month~ hope you all take time to celebrate the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) folks in your universe, including yourself if that applies. While May calls for honoring the Asian diaspora, it has been a painful and scary year for the AAPI community, with surges in anti-Asian brutality, hatred, and xenophobia. In the midst of all the ongoing racial tensions in the US and around the world, many have resorted to lashing out or just resigning to apathy. Some, however, have taken the opportunity to dive into complicated and sensitive conversations about race relations in hopes to build bridges and create much-needed healing. In this episode, Minji sits down with entertainment industry veterans and podcast co-hosts Marcus Moore and Ben Tubuo (or BT). They host Culture Score podcast, which discusses the impact of black culture on entertainment and entertainment on black culture. Together they continue a frank and sincere conversation on the tension between the Asian and black communities, including the history of hostility, misinformation, pain, and shared humanity. This conversation is an invitation to folks to create more points of connection, to listen and relate, to practice and build empathy, and to move out of fear into respect and love.

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Music featured in this episode include "Uzuhan" by Uzuhan and "Stop The Hatred" by MC Jin & Wyclef Jean

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Episode 147

by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang