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by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang
First of All

Closing Chapters (part 1) with Kelly Nickels


Whether we go into phases of our lives on purpose or going with the flow, there often comes the time when any particular life chapter comes to an end. A breakup, a move, a new/lost job...a pandemic. 2020 has been a hurricane of beginnings, endings, transitions, and limbo. During this rollercoaster year, folks have had to come to terms about their values, their priorities, their choices, and their next steps in life. Something we do whether there's a virus ravaging the world or not, but a lot more intensely and frequently to say the least. In this episode, Minji closes a chapter in her life with her dear friend and departing roommate, Kelly Nickels. Kelly last joined FOA in 2019 while processing her divorce and entering a new beginning. Well, to spill some of the tea, a LOT has happened since then, like her getting stuck in the UK for a majority of quarantine and making some significant life changes including leaving the US - and her work, family, friends - behind for good. Together they process what we can go through while closing chapters in our lives, intentionally or unintentionally. How to listen to our gut, how to pull ourselves up after screwing up, how to take risks, how to prepare, and how to accept that horrible, awful, terrifying thing: change.

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Episode 133

by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang