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by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang
First of All

Reaching New Audiences & Taking Up Space with Kyra Kim (NASA)


Spending a year+ in quarantine and separated from others has taken toll on many of us. Feeling isolated and feeling disconnected has made everyday life and even work life lose a lot of spark. Some people have gotten creative and use whatever platform is available to keep that light on and find opportunities to reach people who may have otherwise been inaccessible. This is how this weeks guest, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow Kyra Kim, utilized the new Clubhouse app to widen her audience and spread the word about her work at the Jet Propulsion Lab in water sustainability. Then Minji heard her and their destiny was cemented in this deep dive conversation into Kyra's incredible journey from pursuing classical piano and law to geological studies. Together they discuss the current state of women working in male dominated fields, processing American culture shocks, and learning how to take bold moves in speaking to audiences who may or may not receive you well. We learn about Kyra's fascinating work on the essential resource we first-worlders cannot afford to take for granted much longer - groundwater. Together they strategize how to make science accessible, sexy, and sustainable by getting everyone to do their part.

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Episode 144

by Potluck Podcast Collective, Minji Chang