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by Cynthia
Getting Your Sh*t Together

Are you Restless or Triggered? How to deal with both!


I can't believe it's October! It's National Mental Awareness month, so I want to focus on that as much as possible. As someone with depression, I like to be as transparent as I can be with all the things, especially as I started to navigate my life in recovery.

Today's episode is on learning to identify whether you are restless and triggered! Yes, to some (including myself), I often confused one with the other because of how I thought it shown up in my body. 

But friends, friends, friends -- when I started to learn myself and actively started to work on what I needed, only then was I able to see the differences.

In my opinion, restless = more interpersonal (something that is happening within you that unsettles you in some way). 

In contrast, being triggered is usually when something from the outside impacts you that causes you to go on HIGH ALERT in some way. 

Let's dive in, shall we? I will go over both, how it shows up for me and things I do NOW to circumvent the HELL out of it. Always a WIP, y'all. Always.

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