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by Cynthia
Getting Your Sh*t Together

Let's talk about Recovering the Holidays


Hey friends!

I can't believe we're already at the bulk of the holiday season. Where did the year go? 2020 has been SUCH a special time.

However, even with that --, we need to make sure to check in with ourselves, especially with the holidays on the way.

In this episode, I discuss some things to take into account and some simple tips to utilize as you work through the holiday season. Whether you are kicking it at home, with friends, or solo.

There are simple things to use as a foundation for your recovery and are for those who are sober curious, new to recovery or have been going at it for a long time. Nothing wrong with revisiting those blocks as we continue to work on our lives.

Stay safe out there, friends! Here is the link to some online AA meetings. 

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Episode 5

Season 3

by Cynthia