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by Piyush Agarwal
Grow Daily Marketing Podcast

GDP Ep29 - Being prepared for Business Continuity


All of do business for our customers and ensure that they are always happy. But life does throws us in unexpected situations and we can never be prepared enough when that happens. In this episode, Piyush shares his experience in working with team on Business Continuity plans and why you should have one in place too. The following is what gets covered today: Can your business be disrupted? How easy is it? Identifying the points of failure What is Business Continuity Planning?  How is it different from Business Resumption Planning and Disaster Recovery planning, Join the "Grow Daily Podcast" mailing list here - http://bit.ly/2BdfDgX If you have any feedback or comments, please drop a mail to hello@piyushagarwal.com Do subscribe to the channel, share among your friends and add your review to help us keep growing.



by Piyush Agarwal