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by K Steven Whiting
Healthy Information

New Year’s Resolutions


Every year millions of people make resolutions to fix or change something in their lives yet in spite of this emotional commitment 99 percent of us fail. Why? The psychological reasons for this must firstly be considered. We often make these resolutions as the result of some event such as the New Year, a health crisis, etc. but most of the time these resolutions are made out of an emotional moment and that emotional motivation can dissipate rather rapidly. In speaking of motivation, did you ever wonder why it seems so hard to find? We struggle to find the motivation to clean out the garage or paint the bathroom or change our diet or lose weight. The reason why motivation is so elusive is because in and of itself, it doesn’t exist. Motivation is the result or by product of something else and that something is desire. If our desire is strong enough and big enough the motivation to accomplish the goal will automatically be there. This desire must be more than fleeting; it must be bigger than self. The bigger the desire, the longer it will sustain motivation. Let’s take weight loss as an example. If your desire to lose weight is great enough, the motivation to do so will be there. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for health reasons, longevity, and vanity? It doesn’t really matter what the desire is as long as it’s as intense as possible. Whatever you are seeking motivation to accomplish it must begin with desire. Check back next week for more information about new years weight loss goals.



by K Steven Whiting